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    i wonder if i can extend my monthly sub for 6 hours after it expires for free

    i think i will send in a ticket and tell them to give me 6 free hours

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    8 hours* :-)

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    doesn't sounds worth it, but gl

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    totally .
    That guy (>'.')>

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    While you're at it, tell them to give me a free race change!
    Statix will suffice.

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    no... also why?
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    My guildie actually once needed 3 extra days (he couldn't pay until 3 days after his sub expired). He submitted a ticket and talked to a GM, and he gave him the extra time.

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    ill send in your guys requests as well :-}

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    I think I'm gonna call this a pointless thread and shut it down. He's not really asking a question of MMO-Champion posters, nor is he trying to create a discussion.

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