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    It's one of Blizz's solutions to 'bringing World PvP back'. People cannot resist briefing some other group, and always think if they kill the other factions attempt then their faction will 'definitely kill it'. Then of course they nerd rage when that other faction once again kills them.

    There's always some idiot who's not in the raid running around flagged.

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    It doesn't really bring back world pvp though on a low pop server. Sha is up too much so groups just take turns and galleons spawn timer just resulted in cross realm groups ninja'ing him at 4-6 am.

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    My computer handles that many people and more with ease. I love the world bosses.

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    My only problem is people ninja tagging the boss i think a better option would be to have everyone that contributes to the kill(over a certain amount of damage/ healing) to have a chance to get loot..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gniral View Post
    yeah, honestly world bosses are horrible. don't know how anyone in their right mind would have wanted them back
    there was nothing wrong (or good for that matter) with the TBC world bosses,
    they were just there... and once in a long while you moved your guild raid there to kill it.

    I don't ever remember the tbc world bosses being this way,
    in fact noone would have ever killed Kazzak with his death healing if were camped the way bosses are today.

    at most there was 2 guilds fighting over a boss instead of an entire realm, and it wasn't even a spawn race, people would take their time to get there to do a proper raid pull, not a tag race.

    If they want to make it more of casual "hey look a boss is here let's get our raid here and kill it" then:
    a) make the loot slightly less attractive (definitely no voa/tb boss)
    b) make the bosses harder, require organizing.
    c) no corpse running (see doomwalker, in a way there's no corpse running on kazzak either because if you died you ruined the attempt)

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    I think they're a good idea, but Galleon needs some tweaking. If you want to be competitive and kill Galleon as much as possible, the current model is pretty bleh.

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    I've never even seen Galleon =(
    Thanks a bunch for the Signature, Cthulhu Ftagn.

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    I loved the old world bosses. But I ain’t complaining about wanting them back or whatever.

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    I don't like the lag (Stormrage), but more so, I don't like that it gets so bad sometimes even the boss lags out and I didn't get credit for the kill even though I was in the raid that tagged him and was dps'ing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roxyfoxy View Post
    I don't see the issue people have with world bosses, they added some nostalgia element, everyone that raided serious back in vanilla could tell you that this is how world bosses worked, you didn't need an organized raid group to kill them, only be in the right place at the right time.
    While that might have been true of Azuregos, that definitely wasn't true of the other world bosses when they were current. Just thinking about how the PuG Sha groups I jump into now would fare on Kazzak or Taerar makes me chuckle.

    But, yes, world bosses suck and I don't think the game gained anything from bringing them back.

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    I got a pretty crappy computer, but I still love world bosses.

    There's something great about a boss that you need cooperation for. I only wish they were harder, really. Even Galleon is a bit too zergable for my tastes.

    That said, I wish they would add some world bosses back to the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Maybe like a giant mana beast where Theramore used to be, haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ferocity View Post
    You forget that people playing in classic didn't really use word "retard" unless they were the ones always camping Goldshire and spamming people with duels. Don't try to look as someone who played in classic wow or you might make impression of wrong person.
    I did play in classic wow, about few weeks before first Razorgore kill, but thanks for the kind words.

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