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    Trouble trying to read DVDs

    Hey all,

    My friend is having trouble reading any DVDs with his disk drive, when he inserts a disk no autorun happens what so ever and trying to open the disk manually gives this:

    The drive he is using is a LG: "SUPER MULTI BLUE Internal blu-ray disc rewriter" BH12 and every disk he inserts comes up with the label "Default".
    I'm thinking it's probably stuffed but was just making sure.

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    looks like your putting a blank DVD into the writer.
    only 2 things I know of that cause this, Blank media, and incompatible media. Have you tried the disk in an different drive ?
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    It's not a blank disc, I'm not a complete idiot. I've tried many different dvds in the drive and none of them work, and yes I have tried it in my own drive and it works fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by undead9 View Post
    It's not a blank disc, I'm not a complete idiot.
    always start with the simplest things first.
    is the drive new? did he just install it? did it just start doing this?
    does he have the right region set on the it?

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    It's only just started playing up, he has had it for around a year now.
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