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    Solutions to the 'World Boss' issue

    I have been seeing many issues lately of people hating on the concept of world bosses, and I for one, being a forward thinker and also someone who can't stand internet whining, have been thinking long and hard about solutions to the issue.

    The answer was right there in front of my face the entire time.

    1) There already is a system in place for quest mobs - the named ones - that places a ! on the mobs tag and renders it 'untaggable' - if you hit it once, you get credit for the kill, plain and simple.
    2) There is already a system in place for individual loot rolls, ala LFR and the current world boss loot table. No ones loot affects anyone elses.

    Why not merge these two systems for world bosses? It seems like a win win win to me, with very minimal drawback.

    Sure, there will invariably be the assholes that camp near a rares spawn location, watch a raid group whittle it down to 1% and then swoop in for one hit on it to collect the loot. But is this any different than the asshole that wastes a raid spot, gets himself killed and lays on the ground waiting for the rez (and loot?)

    If anything this would promote a GW2 style of cooperative play. No nonsense with the 'lemme get an invite to the raid or I'm not bothering helping, why would I with no loot reward?' You see a group working on the boss - you wanna get loot? You run up and help out.

    Throwing it out there here on MMO champ forums before I post on the official ones to have people poke holes in my idea so I can refine it. Looking for constructive ideas here:

    Does this sound like a good idea to you? Would this work? Or am I living in a fantasy world where people that want loot will work for it regardless of the social stigma attached?

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    Sounds like a good idea I was thinking the thing as the alliance on my realm attacked him just as he spawned for the first time in forever.

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