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    City Fighting Feral PvP Build - Questions/Suggestions/Evaluations

    Sup all. I'm a strange breed of player that likes to kill people in their home faction cities. So my main objective is to burst kill players in 4 to 10 secs before the whole city gang rapes me. Please evaluate my build/stat priority/talents listed below as well as maybe give me some answers to my questions.

    Stat Priority:
    Weapon > ( 3% Hit + 6% Exp ) > PVP Power > AGI > Crit > Haste > Resilience > Mastery

    Basically my method is to only preform instant damage ( Mastery lest important because bleeds take too long ) and Ravage a player down with King of the Jungle. Before you say it of coarse I take a break to stun them if they so much as twitch

    Weapon = Obvious top concern.
    Hit = Don't want to miss specials or have casters dodge attacks.
    Exp = Don't want to miss attacks on tanks. This one is controversial and leads me to my question after this rundown.
    PvP Power = The consensus seems to put this over AGI.
    AGI = Next best offensive to PvP Power.
    Crit = Next best offensive to AGI.
    Haste = Next best offensive to Crit. Also when the mission is to kill in 4 to 10 secs I never run out of energy with Berserk.
    Resilence = Not looking for defense, but it goes above Mastery because I never use a bleed... again they take too long.
    Mastery = Not using bleed attacks.

    Question 1:
    Should I reforge to Expertise %6 Expertise to hit tanks better or reforge to haste to receive a tiny white bonus damage? Remember the fight only goes on for 4 to 10 seconds and the bonus to energy regen is not a concern, because I never run out in that time.

    Question 2:
    Is there anything I'm missing here to increase my burst damage? I use these...

    ( All PvP Gear with All PvP 320 Gems )
    /use 14 ( PvP Trinket Boosting AGI )
    /use Engineering Glove Enchant ( Boosting AGI )
    /use Virmen's Bite ( AGI Potion )
    Tiger's Fury ( 15% Damage increase ) followed by ...
    Berserk ( 50% Energy off Special Attacks )
    Beserking ( Boost Haste - Troll Racial )
    Nature's Vigil ( 20% Damage increase )
    Savage Roar ( 30% Damage increase )

    Next is not a question, but comments/suggestions are welcome.


    Displacer Beast
    Nature's Swiftness
    Incarnation : King of the Jungle
    Mighty Bash
    Nature's Vigil

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    A minor detail, but I don't think resilience works in world PvP.

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    I think you might be wrong... not sure, but I think Blizzard said it's PvP Power that does not work in outside of BGs/Arena *ONLY FOR HEALING*, because that would make healing insane in non-instant environments.

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    pvp power still works in the world afaik, theres no issue with healing in the world, its raids/instances that it does not work.

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