View Poll Results: Which MoP feature left you pleasantly surprised?

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  • New Dungeons

    14 13.46%
  • New Raids

    31 29.81%
  • LFR

    14 13.46%
  • New BGs

    11 10.58%
  • General PvP

    6 5.77%
  • Dailys

    15 14.42%
  • Pet Battles

    32 30.77%
  • Pandaria

    42 40.38%
  • Tillers

    53 50.96%
  • Misc. Professions

    8 7.69%
  • Challenge Modes

    11 10.58%
  • Monks

    26 25.00%
  • Pandaren

    20 19.23%
  • 85 to 90

    18 17.31%
  • The Community

    3 2.88%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    This thread fill me with warms and cuddles and happiness.

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    New raids.

    I did them on beta but I wasn't sure if they'd deliver on difficulty on live.

    And they did. They're fantastic in structure and difficulty!
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    Scenarios - why didn't u add them in your poll?

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    I was most happily surprised with the tagging of quest mobs by multiple people regardless of party or faction!

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    "Pandaria" doesnt encompass *just* how pleased I was by the vistas and music. Even fishing & archeology are almost enjoyable to me now with this kind of experience.

    I liked the Tillers well enough, but theyre pretty much as expected with no real pleasant surprise to keep things interesting or unique. (and I can't imagine these people that bother doing it on more then one character).

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    I'm sure people are going to think I'm crazy, but I actually like completing dailies. For the same reason that I've always like leveling and professions, I just like working towards and completing something, no matter how small it is.

    When people first said "Farmville" was in the game I thought it sounded kind of silly, myself never having played it. However, I've found I quite look forward to my Tillers dailies each day and the fact that instead of having to go out and pick herbs or kill animals to get what I need to help provide my guild with feasts for raid, I can simply plant some witchberries and green cabbage on my farm and one or two days later have enough picked to make a bunch of feasts for raids.

    I like repetition, I'm a creature of comfort, not change. :P

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    Pet battles. It has a lot of depth and is working out much better than I was thinking it would. I'm doing most of it while leveling alts too which although it slows leveling down it makes it much more pleasant.

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    I really didn't think I would even be using the farm. I haven't missed a day of crops.
    Same, but not because I love it, because I need to farm that +300 food for raiding...
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    im really happy with the new raids, MSV was good. HoF is great so far so i really wonder how terrance is gonnabe.

    beside that i really liked the farm, so i was done pretty quick with them all which i find a shame

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    I voted for nearly most of them, leaving out Normal raids and PvP and professions, as these are the only things I don't do.

    I loved the new dungeons, would love Challenge Modes probably, if I had time + group; new LFR is awesome, had a blast there; 85-90 was super fun and engaging, Pandaria is just so beautiful. Farming and dailies surprised me. I've made a lot of gold so, and they're quite fun imo. Granted, I'm a little burnt out of Golden Lotus and Klaxxi atm, but still. Pandaren look nice and Monks are quite fun too.

    The only thing that leaves me with "Meh." are the Scenarios. They're quite boring IMO, would love to see the 5.1 Scenarios though.

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    The new loot system for World bosses and LFR.

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    The Tillers. I honestly didn't think I would enjoy it, but it has been the one thing I have done daily.

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    I've been positively surprised by the new raids ever since beta.

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    Scenarios, short sweet and fun
    1) Load the amount of weight I would deadlift onto the bench
    2) Unrack
    3) Crank out 15 reps
    4) Be ashamed of constantly skipping leg day

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