View Poll Results: OP's Fault or Not?

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  • OP's Fault for leaving car unlocked.

    71 56.35%
  • Thieves Fault for stealing from the car.

    34 26.98%
  • Both are at fault for leaving the car unlocked and for stealing from the car.

    21 16.67%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Majad View Post
    I wouldn't admire myself of that, it could be interpreted as a bribe.
    Not legally a bribe. Tips aren't illegal. Corporate might not like it because they would want to take credit for it, not the officer. They want to discourage the gratuity from finding its way into the business. Get you a light slap on the hand.

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    You can't be blamed for someone stealing your things. The car door being unlocked is also irrelevant. Opportunist thieves will take what is easy, if they see a gps sitting right there in plain sight, it's gone. Smash and grab leaves no prints and if there are no witnesses or CCTV they get away with it 99% of the time.

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    its not your fault at all, its the thief's fault he stole from you. you just could have possibly avoided it. but you can't live your whole life like a hyper-vigilant paranoiac.
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    I leave my passenger door open accidentally sometimes because I've dropped a friend off somewhere. I wouldn't expect them to know to lock the door. It's your unlucky fault that the gps got stolen.

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