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    Divine Insight vs Twist of fate, which bosses should I change?

    Yo guys!

    I just came back from a 3-4 months break and decided to roll my shadow priest to my main due my guild needed one.
    I haven't really had the time yet to read everything about shadow so I'm just gonna ask here quickly.

    In MSV, at what bosses should I go with Twist of fate/Divine insight and why?
    You could probably use this as a template:

    The Stone Guard:
    Feng the Accursed:
    Gara'jal the Spiritbinder:
    The Spirit Kings:
    Will of the Emperor:

    If you don't mind I'd like the answer for both normal and heroics.
    I'm also off for today so I thank you in advance and good night my fellow pirates!
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    Stone Guard: DI, SW:P ticking on more than 1 target, more procs
    Feng: DI, last 20% of the fight doesn't last very long, I get more deeps with DI (ToF might be better for hc due to there being adds)
    Spiritbinder: ToF, High uptime due to adds dying in spirit phase/proccing ToF on totems when you don't go in
    Spirit kings: ToF, Moderate uptime due to having bosses/adds sub 20% a lot during the fight, not a huge increase over DI
    Elegon: ToF, Lot's of adds, very high uptime
    Will: ToF, lot's of adds, very high uptime.

    The genereal rule of thumb is if there are periods where there's alot below 20% hp then go ToF to keep the highest uptime of it, if there's more then 1 target but they aren't below 20% very often(Stone guard fro instance) Then DI is better, DI will generally be better on a pure single target fight where the last 20% isn't that important/a burn.

    also, see here: http://howtopriest.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2173
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    thanks mate
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    (my old paladin)Bályn <Reunion> - Silvermoon EU

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    Be aware that ToF procs of healing as well, meaning you can proc it by sniping a PoM/Renew on someone during a heavy AoE phase, such as Earthquake on Feng.

    But on the other hand, no matter what you do on Feng, you'll finish last
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