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    10 Man Normal Garalon Help

    So our guild worked on Garalon for the first time last night, and here are logs:


    I have the feeling we are just doing something wrong, and I haven't had the feeling at any point so far in our progression.

    Regarding our strategy:

    Cleave Soakers: Me (Holy Paladin), and a Combat Rogue
    Runners: Ended on Mage>Warlock>Shadow Priest>Warrior
    Comp: 3 Heals (Holy Paladin, Resto Shaman and Druid), 0 Tanks, and 7 DPS (Windwalker, Affliction Lock, Fire Mage, Fury Warrior, Enhance Shaman, Combat Rogue, and a Shadow Priest)

    My takeaways for the night:

    1) Our DPS is too low compared to other logs I see for this fight. Part of this is due to I noticed some of the runners DPS would be flat at 0 for extended periods of time while running
    2) The rogue and warrior should switch, so it's me and the warrior soaking cleaves. This way the rogue doesn't have to waste GCDs on feint.
    3) One of the healers should be a runner instead of a melee. It can't be the Holy Paladin.

    If there's anything anyone notices we are doing completely wrong, please let me know. Also, general tips on how any of the specific players can improve would be much appreciated.

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    Haven't done it yet, but comparing you to a guild who has, I can see that they took much more even damage from pheromones. For them, each player took right about 4 million damage each, whereas you guys had some people at 1m and some at 3. So, while that doesn't make a lot of sense to me, even though they took a crap ton more damage in the same amount of time, they were more consistent in their pheromone damage taken. Not sure if this is at all helpful, but I didn't really scour your logs, just a quick look.


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    Took a quick look at logs, your #1 problem is very low DPS. Some of your lowest DPS are doing pathetically low DPS.

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    I've not done the fight but from what I heard you should not have your DPS be runners. Switch it up to have 3 healers run and your warlock or Spriest as they can dot up the legs while kiting. You really don't want melee running as they can't do anything while they are. That is my suggestion and it should help you quite a bit.

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    (Looking at your longest attempt, still 30s below nerf enrage)

    Your DPS is incredibly low. I literally tripled your rogue's DPS on our prenerf kill. Your highest DPS is around the same as our lowest DPS. We're using tank spec tanks and our raid DPS is 60% higher than yours. Also, why aren't your healers doing any damage? Ours pulled around 30k each.

    Your healing is only 10% lower than ours and you're dying, which means you're taking a lot more damage than you should. Looks like Pheromone ticks are getting as high as 60k. That's way too high. That's almost 30 stacks iirc. You need a rotation of 6, 20 stacks each. Also, it looks like non-cleave soakers are getting hit by the cleave. That's very bad. Since you're stacking Pheromones so high and still have a lot Crushes, I assume that means you're still messing up swaps and getting extra crushes or someone is failing and going under the boss.

    There are about a million other Garalon 10N threads in the front few pages. Check some of them out for additional, general tips.

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