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    Villain US-Kilrogg (H) LFM for progression,

    Villain US-Kilrogg (H) is a level 25, 10-man raiding guild looking forward to progression at a steady pace.
    We are a close-knit group that raids on Wednesday and Friday at 6:30pm to 9 PM PST, sometimes later.

    We are currently recruiting:
    -Ranged DPS*
    -Healers (Paladin, Druid, and/or Monk)**

    *: Is needed, but could be on stand by.
    **: Is needed and will, most likely, be on stand-by.

    If you have any question or wish to know more about us, please contact me via Battletag Navillus#1863, or in-game whisper. Thank you.
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    Bump. Still looking for more.

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    Bump. We mainly need ranged dps, but we will take tanks, healers and very few melee.

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    Bump, we need ranged dps and tanks.

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    Bump. Still looing for more.

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    Bump. Still looking for more.

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    Bump. I am still looking for more ranged dps.

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    Bump. Still looking for more ranged DPS.

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    I am still looking for more.

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    Still looking for good ranged dps.

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    Still need more DPS.

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