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    To be honest, I like them,
    They are small, so even if You're with one or two friends, we're able to win the BG, even tho if there's plenty of bots or undergeared, braindead people.

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    I find the two battlegrounds to small and to simpel in concept. Its encourages zerging. I prefer the more tactical battlegrounds where I need to use a map to see wich points we control, where the flag or vehicles are.

    Hopefully they convert wintergrasp to a 40 man bg. Prefer the big ones the most.

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    I love the, as I like to call it, Ball BG! It's sooo fun to play. And *cough* its the only BG we win in my battlegroup :/
    Mine on the other hand can be fun, if you join it with a group.
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    Possibly two of my favorite BGs in the game, behind TP and WSG. Unlike IoC/ SotA and AV, they encourage fighting other players and have new objectives. It actually is made for PVP, and encourages it, unlike 40 man BGs and SotA.

    I think ToK can be interesting with Teamwork to crush a EFC with someone waiting for their Orb respawn, whilst moving Objectives in SSM keep the game Dynamic and larger than it can initially appear. Me and a few others hid behind a pillar waiting for the Horde cart once and stole it right before cap I was sceptical about SSM at first, but I think it works well, and ToK is just fun, which I think are important factors. As much as I loved Wrath as an Expansion, its BGs were terrible, and Cata BG's were WSG and AB 2.0. These new BGs are new, fun and simple.

    I just wish the graphical style of SSM was different, Goblin items in Alliance starting zone, underground theme is meh, and could have been set somewhere more interesting (Northrend Ice Cave Anyone?).

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    I think like all battlegrounds they rely on people to communicate and work together. Personally I love both the new bgs, at least they're not AB/WSG copies like in cata...and as for Isle of Conq. well, I don't consider a BG that requires no pvp, to be a battleground at all.

    So honestly I'm really glad that they brought fighting back to PvP. Twin Peaks is just WSG without rep, Battle of Gilnaes is just AB without rep & variety. Temple & Silvershard are at least interesting, okay you might get annoyed with CC and with sudden death but at least we're fighting again and at least there's different tactics. Like how healer's eventually become redundant in Temple for the orb carriers, that's amazing, genuinely I love that, it's like when they added the stacks for WSG flag carriers so a druid can't kite all 10 members of the enemy team for the entire game or so warriors / blood DK's can just stand there and tank all 10 members.

    It's a great addition to the Battleground list to be honest. Silvershard mines is enjoyable, requires fast switches, well planned CC, clutch Bloodlusts and quick track changing. Like I say though, they do require communication and team work, like battlegrounds SHOULD. You shouldn't be able to win a BG without a single word spoken, that's just wrong. In a group with 10 or so people and you don't communicate? Come on guys, it's a social game for a reason. When I enter Battle of Gilnaes and Twin Peaks I don't think "yeay, bg's like the ones I know and love." I think "Ffs, just gimmie AB/WSG." So honestly, it's nice to have new BG's after the stale excuses for bgs they gave us in Cata.

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    I like temple. Small map with big open space in the middle with some cover around the edges. You always know where to find your enemies and you're back into action quickly if you die. Also, it's much more combat oriented than the other bgs, as in "there isn't much standing around". You're either hacking away at the enemy orbs or trying to peel for yours, while in the old bgs you could get into a warsong stalemate, or end up defending the mine in arathi for 20 minutes or wait for that tower to blow up for a couple of minutes. It's just much more fast-paced with little downtime to the action

    Silvershard mines on the other hand is abysmal. The initial clash is fun, but you still end up either escorting a cart that moves about the speed of vanilla escort quests, or riding around the map looking for an enemy cart that's lightly defended. Also, due to the setting (mining tunnels) you can't see what's going on anywhere unless you look at the map, and then you still don't know how many enemies your team is fighting at various points.

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    Bloody LOVE Temple!! It's sooooo much fun crap, simple as that

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    At first, yes, now, no

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    Both of them are fresh and enjoyable.
    The objectives matter more than in some other bgs probably, while you still have to fight more often.
    Try to play them more, it seems you haven't even tried them enough and you spit on them already.

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    Temple is terrible. There's no dynamic to it; it's just a box. It even goes against their previous feelings against deathmatch style BGs. Mine is ok. Don't have much of an opinion on it other than at least it's better than SOTA.

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    I am in love with both Temple of Kotmogu and Silvershard Mines. Blizzard did an amazing job, in my opinion, on this expansions battlegrounds.

    I am having a blast throughout the entire thing every time I get queue'd for one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raybourne View Post
    Temple is terrible. There's no dynamic to it; it's just a box.
    ehh..I completely disagree with this.

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    Temple - so/so. Would like it more if there was a shorter respawn timer for it. The BG blatantly encourages go all out to kill carriers (which is fine), but doing so and sitting on a 30 sec rez timer is crap.

    Mine - Love it. Be the better team in mini-battles throughout the zone. Small enough to be mobile and help control a map.

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    I love the new BGS. Mines is a blast and people seem to play the objective regularly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mican17 View Post
    ehh..I completely disagree with this.
    Well where's the dynamic that you see in other bgs? It's just a pit of attack in the middle.

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    I absolutely love the new BGs.

    Silvershard has way more tactics involved. For instance you can use knockbacks to ninja mine carts off people.

    Temple is kind of a clusterfuck but its a good clusterfuck. It actually teaches people to target important people. Sick of people being derps and not targetting healers in other BGs.

    PLUS they have that new fresh feeling. The other BGs are just so god damn boring now after 7 years.

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    Silver hard mines isn't zergy that battleground takes skill and reaction time. Rooting, cycloning, stunning and knocking back targets that try to get near the cart. If you zerg in that battleground it's a lose. On my warrior, I spec dragons roar and staggering shout for that battleground fun stuff.
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    I lose most of my mine matches. In fact.... I've lost like 80% of the BG's I've been in today on my warrior. Waiting for two friends to get home so we can try and turn that around.

    But yes, I like them both.

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    i hate the mines with a passion its kinda boring but in the temple i have the most fun out of any bg huge crts healing really doesnt matter , but a siade not for temple its the easiest concept yet nobody seems to be able to follow through. -_-

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    mines is pretty sick cuz its only like 10 mins long at most

    temple is not too bad but its dependant on your team being a team not wanna be heros that ignore helping each other

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