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    Season 11 vendor.


    I've been farming honor for some time now because I'd love the season 11 set for my mage. But the vendor is nowhere to be found. Does anyone know what happened to him?

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    havent been to the wall lately, but he was there last time i checked

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    For alliance if you look at your map for Valley of the Four Winds, on the far west side is a giant wall to Dreadwastes, the Alliance pvp vendor is the large square tower in the northwest of the wall
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    I know, it's in such an odd place.
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    He's asking about the S11 gear (from Cata)...I thought those weren't in-game ATM?

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    they removed the vendors that had level 85 pvp gear. pretty sure they don't plan on returning them any time soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supernex View Post
    He's asking about the S11 gear (from Cata)...I thought those weren't in-game ATM?
    Yes I was asking about that one. Is there any change it's coming back? Because most other sets are still in-game.

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    I am pretty sure a blue said after the first season they will most likely bring back all that gear so you can purchase. Right now all the old stuff ( I dont think level 85) gear is being sold in area 52 in BC area.

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    I'm pretty sure (Not 100% though) that Blizzard mentioned that these will be put back into the game at some point, like the older sets. They will probably be moved to Area 52 as well I'm guessing, but who knows

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    Okay thanks a lot people. This really cleared it up for me.

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