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    Recently done Al'Akir with my priest. You can avoid the first boss if you have an alt on a separate account with a 1/2 save ID. Then all you have to do is to keep raid extending that ID. Alakir himself should be very easy for lvl90 self heal class. For Prot Pally, maybe not as easy, but shouldnt be overly difficult..

    Also recently got my Alysrazor mount so I'm still hyped about that.
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    Back in Cata it took me 26 solo Stonecore runs in normal for the mount, and 18 solo Vortex Pinnacle runs for the mount. I did this on my main, which is a Prot Paladin.

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    I ran stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle a few times at 85, on both my Mage and Ret Paladin. Shouldn't be an issue today for any class.
    Al'akir and even Alyzrazor should be doable with abit of practise.
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