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    Heroic Spirit Kings - Windfury procc

    Hello everyone,

    I'm not really following this section of the forum. But i figured someone here could answer my question.
    A guildmate of mine is wondering does Windfury procc or flametounge procc the shields during Spirit Kings HC?

    Reason why i'm asking is - He turns away every time they are cast. We all know auto-attacks doesn't procc them, but would his due to those proccs?
    We are in need of all the DPS we can get

    Shields are:
    Impervious Shield
    Shield of Darkness
    Sleight of Hand

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    Hey there,

    Well if he is proccing the shield then the best bet would just be turned around and move away, trust me. This fight isn't about DPS. If you're worried about DPS hopefully you get the right combo (Forgot the names of them...) Shockwave>Arrows>Shadow> then Feng i believe. This way once Feng has reached(if) berserk 9/10 he will most probably be in cowardess phase allowing you to DPs for another 40-50 seconds or so. Which is a lot. But don't forgot get to group up on maddening shout ASAP! and break them out pretty much instantly or else it's probably a wipe!

    P.S Sleight of Hand isn't a shield. You just need a stun rotation, you can carry on DPSing through! Good luck and have fun!


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    Thanks for the reply.

    Well, we got all parts like those you explained pinned down. I'm aware of all the tricks.

    I just need to know plain and simply, will Windfury proccs or flametongue procc those shields?
    And ofc. would he get the debuff if he was auto-attacking and say a stun were missed on Sleight of Hand or something like that?

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    Yeah he most probably would. Just tell him to move away out of range or stop hitting when it's being casted as apposed to the last 0.3 sec of the cast. much safer.

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    Thanks. That he'll do.

    But can anyone confirm? All i've heard are speculations(IE: He probably would. If proccing the shield then...). Has no one tested it?

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    Hi, I can tell you he can auto attack during Impervious Shield, can't during darkness and shouldn't during Sleight of Hand unless boss is stunned.

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    What changes from Impervious Shield to Shield of Darkness, since he cannot attack? I suppose it's the chance of a windfury procc or something, proccing Darkness. But why doesn't it procc Impervious?

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    I'm fairly sure that I've had WF proc the retaliation effect from the impervious shield (even as I was turning away from the boss). Cannot confirm for sure as I don't bother risking it. Turning away is the best option in my view. The amount of dps you will lose is pretty minimal, especially in relation to triggering the shield if the dispel is a tiny bit slow. ~1 second downtime isn't too bad

    Sleight depends of how good your stunners are with keeping him stunlocked through the duration of the ability - can and should keep attacking if the stunners are reliable.

    Darkness is a no go as people have said, the main focus should obviously be purging the shield off asap, and also picking up any interrupt while the shield is up (shear cd pending). I think the difference between impervious and darkness can be found in the tooltips. I think Impervious says something about abilities used causing him to retaliate, while darkness is probably just any direct damage. Best confirm this for yourself, since I can't atm and am speculating

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    Just to clarify. It doesn't matter which ability we're talking about, you can always auto-attack.

    I'm playing a ret pally myself and the reason i'm wondering is that my seals do not procc them - So i see turning away as a dps loss as opposed to a potential raidwipe.
    But we killed it tonight so now i demand him to test it.

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    It seems that lightning shield (via Unleashed Fury) and flametongue weapon procc that shield. Or atleast for me

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