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    Resto shaman - Will of the emperor HC

    I'm raid healing on WotE 25 hc and having terrible time catching any more than 5 people in my healing rain. Chain heal is so fucking weak and healing rain is so fucking powerful it's just sad. I'm always open to any suggestions (except for "roll monk" or "heal tank").

    Unfortunately i don't have logs from that parictular night.. hm weird. Riptide glyph got me oom so changed that quickly. Glyph of chaining isn't really necessary as chain heal almost always jumps 3-4 times (melee, mages, casters in the middle).

    My healing doesn't suck, It's just so fucking inconvenient it hurts the entire raid as i am too concentrated on figuring out how to chain heal properly and position healing rain. Aaand the monk is just hitting instant uplift. ridiculous...

    Should i go full mastery or something? I'm mana starved after 10 minutes so i guess not.
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    Sounds like your ranged aren't stacking in the middle which is really detrimental to being able to do that fight successfully on 25 man. I would say go crit for that fight and use healing stream totem + the major glyph of Totemic Recall. This should really help your passive healing. Using riptide and constantly casting healing wave with around 15-16% crit before the crit buff will significantly increase your healing on that fight. Hope this helps !

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    HC? this the heroic mode of the fight?

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    @ Puhree

    If you're not hitting more than 5 people in your rain on that fight, something is wrong, not because of yourself, but because your ranged and healers aren't stacking to make it easy on the healers. At the end of the day, it's a 10 min + fight, at this level of gear most healers are going to be stressed with mana by the end. I'd suggest asking your ranged and healers to stack close to the centre of the room, maybe even mark a raid member to stack on in between add phases (you'll find most of the multidot classes will be running around like chickens at these times).

    I personally hate crit and roll pretty full mastery, i riptide, HST and rain with UE off cd, chain heal the melee at the boss/mages at the back, and use healing wave as a filler. Don't use the riptide glyph here, its it'll do more overhealing than you think and will eat away at your mana. Another thing to realise is that you'll never push monk numbers, so don't even try. Our monk pushed over 100k hps on our kill settling a rank 25ish, whereas healed close to perfectly for myself and could only manage sub 90k hps.

    I actually have a kill video from my PoV if you're interested:

    Also got PoVs for all the HC modes in MSV if anyone else wants.

    Gl with the boss!

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    thank you for your response. I will surely check out that resto PoV, one picture is worth more than 1000 mastery rating!

    Checked out the vid. You play very similarly to me, however your raid definitely stacks more. I can see people returning to the stacking area after they kill adds and stuff.
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    The way we do it is, have every healer focus on ranged/tanks. I as a Resto Shaman focus on group five, which consist of the melee group that takes on the adds. When the big attack comes, I put down cooldowns and put Healing Rain in middle (where everyone should be) and and heal like crazy. Then I go back to the fifth group again focus on them, help with slow/stun totem if they get to close and then use my cooldowns again when big attack arrives. (forgot name xd)

    It doesn't put me on top hps, because our Disc Priest always is, soo pro, his absorbs puts him at the top there...but I do get close/second behind him. So imo I think your raid positioning is a bit wrong.

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    Delver of the Vaults!

    despite matrix lags at 20 % xD

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