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    [Mage] General Reminder

    Since the 5.1 hotfixes hit, I've noticed a HUUUUGE influx of reported posts and threads. Here's the thing though, out of the 20+ reports I get a day, only 3-5 are ACTUAL reports that are based on forum rules. The remainder comes from people not liking the tone or point-of-view of the reported poster. Reporting a post as "rude" does nothing to help us make decisions since it's subjective, and something you may find rude may, in fact, not be against forum rules and we therefore can't do anything about it.

    Further, please do NOT report a post more than ONCE. That is key. I get your notifications, I really do, but we moderators have lives ourselves, and I'm not tethered to my computer or the internet 24/7 to cater to every report whim that may strike some of you. Further, reporting more than twice is against the rules itself and I may infract you for abusing the system, and be well within my rights/power as a moderator. Please don't make me have to do that, I really don't enjoy being this anal, but things are really getting out of hand.

    Please, for my sake, for the sake of Shangalar, and mostly for your own sakes, re-read the forum rules before you post and, equally important, before you report. Christmas is around the corner for non-Orthodox folks, so please don't make me give out extended holiday vacations from these forums to coincide with real life vacations that may take place.

    Thanks and have a nice December.



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    Please play nice with eachother and don't make us do stuff that we won't regret anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangalar View Post

    Please play nice with eachother and don't make us do stuff that we won't regret anyway.
    Mm, I have to admit that I might have been apart of some of those discussions, but ye I'll try to think more before posting to not insult someone or something like that

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