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    Expected Rest Druid HPS and Spirit Levels

    Hello first of let me say that im not a Resto Druid, i am a Holy Pally and the Healing lead for our 10 man normal run, because of this im not an expert on Resto Druids and i do not know how they compare to Holy Pallys.

    the Resto Druid in our raid is comparable to our holy priest in HPS and healing done, however both are 5 - 7k less HPS and about a third less healing done (counting absorbs as well)

    our resto duids Ilvl is about 464 in blue and epics unenchanted, reforged gear(in know gonna talk to her about chants and reforge)

    she seems a capable healer but the lack of enchanting and reforging and lower Ilvl seems that shes not putting a lot of effort into gearing and improving out side of raid time (only logs on main for raid times)

    so what would be an expected number for heals per second for a resto of her ilvl

    and what should her spirit be at?

    thank you for your input

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    Considering it's 10man, 6,5k - 7k spirit unbuffed can be enough; with regards to her trinkets and mana efficiency; if she has oom problems then ofc the number has to rise.

    As far as I've known (been resto druid for many years now); I haven't been able to be passed by a pally healer in hps yet(no offense^_^). Leave that alone, no class. Only monks atm; as they are yet not good configured. Resto druid is a simple HPS machine. Though ofc, tank survivability and damage migit is where the class lacks hugely. Other healer classes can only surpass druid in burst healing or maybe in the first 2 minutes of fights; but when things start getting mediumly long, tree is king.

    Heal per second depends on the fight. No way to make any comments on that.

    Check how much overhealing % she has; if more than 40% she probably has a bad connection, or wrong spell priorities. If you have, link a log for further comments from me and other druids in forum.

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    I started out going a lot of Spirit as a baseline idea, following plenty of healers with the same motif. But I've progressively lowered my Spirit since.

    "How much" is not something you can just answer. It's very much up to the player. Personally, I feel pretty okay at around 8k unbuffed Spirit but I'm tweaking it daily.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zegyra View Post
    if she has oom problems then ofc the number has to rise.
    No no no... Playing smartly and efficiently will do MUCH more for your mana pool than just stacking more spirit. In addition, by stacking spirit, you lose on throughput, an area where druids are desperately short on.

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    I'd say between 7-10k spirit depending on trinkets, the fight and the amount of unnecesary damage your raid members are taking. I guess she should easily be able to do at least 40k hps on most encounters without using tranquility. You should never ever use spirit food and flasks tho, the int counterparts give to much healing.(int flask is about +5% healing done)
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    Druids are considered the lowest HPS right now, or potentially disc priests (It's been a little back and forth). While I don't seem to have many problems being competitive or even beating other healers in HPS, I tend to have a rather conservative playstyle. Resto druids WILL fall behind in consistent aoe damage, on a fight such as Feng. Stone Guard should be a completely different story where a druid excels.

    All in all though, their spirit has to be where they're comfortable with it at. If they feel they have too little, pure spirit gems, in this expansion, are never the worst option.

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    Firstly if she's raiding then she should be enchanted and properly reforged - there's no excuse not to be. Spirit is purely personal choice and at first is likely a stat priority till she gets to a point where she is comfortable with her regen. At 464 she should be able to reach the first haste breakpoint without having to borrow from spirit. Hopefully she is gemming correctly and taking advantage of socket bonuses?

    There's no way to give you an estimated figure for HPS at a given iLvl because iLvl has relatively little to do with it - it's much more about the encounter type, how much healing is being done by others, what sort of damage is occurring.

    The comment above about druids being HPS machines is a little misleading in my personal opinion. I'm in a 10 man guild currently at 6/6 MV and 3/6 HoF and there's not a single fight with the exception of Garalon where I've been close to our holy paladin or resto shaman. Looking at WoL ranking would seem to back this up as you will find relatively few resto druids ranked compared to the large numbers of paladins, shaman and the "balanced" monks.
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    I am in a casual raiding group we only have 5 bosses down on normal. I have a slightly higher ilvl - 473. With that I have around 8.5k Spirt with no spirit procs from trinkets etc. 7-10k spirit is the usual range. I am usually close to OOM at the end of a fight with about 30% or less over healing. Mostly because I pride myself on carrying my weight.

    1) she should be reforged, gemmed and enchanted before stepping in raid again. Even for casuals this is just stupid. I learned that hard way that you have to enforce this.
    2) She should get to the first haste cap and then reforge to other stats, Mastery is generally agreed to be slightly better than crit. If she doesn't know what her first haste cap is, then she hasn't read any of the copious amounts of info available and should not raid until she has spent 20 minutes reading one of the guides.
    3) She should be close to the other healers in healing done. If not, she needs to research her class. Nourish should only be used sparingly. We can't spam it with current gear. Omen of Clarity Procs should be used quickly with Regrowth or Healing touch. Most druid healers are glyphing regrowth. I did, and I love it. She should not rejuv people with only a little dmg done to them. Your and the shammies heals will top them off faster and the rejuv will be wasted in over heal.
    4) Rotate tranquility and Tree of Life CDs. They are relatively short so for most fights she can have one available for most spike dmg.
    5) You as raid leader need to treat her like any other raider and hold her to the same standards.

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    Spirit 6.5-7.2k is plenty for 10m.

    But as others have mentioned, there is no excuse for any raider not being fully enchanted and with proper gems period.

    But if you want to know where you and your other healers stand with WoL parses averaged take a look Here

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    Druids feel weaker than the other classes right now as we don't have spammable burst healing, so a lot of the healing available will get sniped while HoTs are ticking. Just make sure they have the 3050ish haste threshold (reforge all the crit gear to haste, maybe use spirit+haste or int+haste gems) and try to not to over-Rejuv the raid.

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    Slightly offtopic but disc is definitely not weak after the hotfixes they gained the other day.

    But like other people have said, the amount of spirit you have is up to you.
    I don't remember how much spirit I had at ~464 item level, but I still ran with the Spine HC trinket cuz I had terrible luck with trinkets. As I got better gear I went for more intellect, and that worked better for me.
    Instead of stacking spirit, I'd sooner check how well she knows her class, making sure to maximize spells (both utility, healing output and cooldowns), and enchant and gem her gear before raiding again.

    I don't heal with a shaman so I can't provide a good opinion about how strong they are compared to druids. On my shaman alt I feel quite strong in LFR's, but ofc that's a completely different story than a guild raid.

    I'm at 4/6 HoF and 2/6 MSV HC.
    It's hard to say how I've done compared to my other healers on the first 2 bosses in HoF as the first week we 3 healed Zor'lok and this week we 2 healed. I ended up solohealing the last 20% both times due to some mistakes.
    Same with Blade Lord, 2 healed it both weeks and ended up healing the last 25% or so by myself. This obviously results in me being clearly higher on healing than my partners, and I have no idea who would have been higher if both had been alive.
    Garalon we 3 healed, our paladin healer being sort of half a healer cuz he was sharing the frontal cleave with our tank. I was about even to our priest, who played holy, both of us at ~68k hps.
    Wind Lord I DPS'ed quite a bit with HotW, and I was lowest of us 3. Felt kinda useless in P1 most of the time, when they healed everything up so fast. :/
    I'm DPS'ing on Amber Shaper so can't comment about healing there.

    MSV is farm content now for me, meaning I DPS most of the time. Less damage taken = our disc priest just absorbs most of the damage, leaving little for me to do. :/

    The conclusion I have anyway is that I'm usually highest, but fights like Will of the Emperor and lately Elegon I have serious competition and on WotE I usually don't end up highest. The healers I'm healing with are good (better than my previous partners), they know their classes and they get ranked on WoL, although not as high ranks as I get (not attempting to brag at all). Lately I've felt like druids lack... something. Not sure what. Burst AoE healing perhaps? (Fix mushrooms...)

    TLDR; get your druid to read some guides, enchant/gem her gear, don't stack spirit mindlessly - it won't solve the problem if it's player related with using wrong spells at the wrong time, not maximizing her tools, ect...
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