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    MSV Trash

    Hey all,

    Recently formed a 25M guild and the trash packs pwn our tanks every pull, on 10M this wasn't a problem. They claim to use all there CDs but still die. The mobs are being tanked in a massive clump, including when they go into Frenzy. Are the frenzied mobs meant to be pulled out?


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    Just pull them out to the sides.
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    Frenzied stone beasts should be taunted away cos they give aoe dmg reduction to every mob near to them...
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    Never really bothered with that, but those packs are rather damaging. Little doggies quickly rip all armor off tanks, meaning they take full damage from everything and there isn't any convenient way of taunting off 10 mobs at once to make it easier. I suppose you might want to use a third tank to spread the damage a bit more. That, and spam heal, don't try to stopcast just because tanks are at 100%. With 0 armor, they might drop to red instantly.

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    You don't really need to pull the big dogs out of the group. Just make sure your DPS single target the big ones down ASAP, then AoE. The other thing is that they're completely stunnable, so send out those AoE stuns on a regular basis. DPS should have plenty of those, so.

    Also make sure one tank isn't tanking more than half of the mobs. I find a lot of the time I pull aggro off the other tank because Monk AoE is stupidly OP, so I tend to take a lot of damage. But we can handle it since it's 10 man; on 25 man, if you're taking more damage/there's more mobs to tank, then you should probably be a bit more careful about it. Keep the groups separate to be safe.

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