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    PVP trinkets choice for human unholy DK

    I'm currently playing Unholy (human) with the 2 strength pvp trinkets - on use and proc.

    However I'm wondering if it would be more beneficial for arena to keep the on use trinket but change the proc one with the trinket that gives you mastery and 50k increase to maximum health.

    Currently my health in blood presence is 380k, so pet sac heals me for 190k.
    If I use the mastery trinket I'll get 50k health immediately, increase my maximum to 430 and then receive a heal of 215k, so total of 265k

    Of course I'd lose like 800 pvp power and gain 800 mastery.

    Do you guys think it's worth it?

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    just a matter of preference. i bought both and swap it in whenever i feel that the team im about to face will focus me.

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    In short no it's not worth it, you have enough defensive CDs already (lichborne, pet sac, IBF) the pvp power gained from using the strength on use and proc trinket is what makes human the hardest hitting race in pvp by a large amount (about 5%) and that isn't even considering the strength proc too

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