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    That 230k ish Heroic Strike is because of Taste for Blood, max stacks using Overpower to build it is 500% increased HS damage.

    Warriors got nerfed in wrong area, Taste for Blood as it is now is totally OP, Avatar was cool.

    Read this Blizzard and learn. Hire me and I'll work for you, I make good Legendaries at start of D3 and balance classes for you as well without letting OP abilities get in.

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    can't see my comment for some reason

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    Amazing how clueless devs still are about PvP balance, simply amazing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Immitis View Post
    yeah.... or theres only one in the blizzstore and the other are buyable/earned somewhere else.

    there were like 4 or 5 quilen mount colors guess how many weve gotten by now? 1. theres 4 firehwak models guess how many weve gotten?

    just because blizzard made a couple extra doesnt mean its excluded from being a blizzstore mount. the fact that they posted it on facebook means its 99% likely to be blizzstore since the only time they post pictures like that is when their from ce or the blizzstore
    You do know when you create things in games some either dont make it to the final release stage or get set back for a later day,but you dont work in games industry so you wouldnt know that,and the firehawk thing we actually got 3 in game there was fire version,green and purple.

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    WoW MOP: Garrosh and Wrathion Questline

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    is there an election thread in the eu forums aswell ?

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