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    Malevolent Gladiator's Decapitator and Other PvP Weapons

    Hi I play a fury warrior and do pvp for fun, nothing serious nothing crazy. I have been doing random bgs to gain a bit of conquest points, I have full HP gear right now and was wondering are these pvp weapons worth it right now to spend the points for or just should I just buy gear? I am using the weapons from klaxxi right now as that is what I have only got so far.

    I was just wondering if people are spending their points on weapons or just going for the gear, thanks for any input.

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    Weapon is a massive upgrade because of the pvp power it adds. Your PVE weapon has 0 pvp power.

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    The thing is the pvp power on them is unique so if you get 2 as warrior it might be a waste since its one less stat not being used? Should I only get one and move on to the gear? Thanks for the help

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    Keep in mind that
    -PvP power and resilience do not take any amount of Item level, so if it might look worthless to upgrade a 463 pve for a 476 PvP, it's definitly not
    -There is around 8% PvP power on a Weapon, wich is a massive upgrade to anyone

    So yes, worth it, by far

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    Get your weapon and then continue upgrading gear. If you're set on staying fury instead of going arms, just worry about getting the first weapon and upgrading other pieces before you get your second weapon. Fury warriors could have a small advantage in the fact that they could use a pvp weapon as an offhand and use a Heroic raid weapon as the mainhand for the damage, but Arms is superior in general.

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    Thanks again for the help I dont know it just seemed not worth it to me to get 2 weapons right away and just wanted to check with others. I have never played arms for pve or pvp, I started late in TBC and always have been fury. I just play for fun nothing serious and I like it that way lol Arms seems scary right now for me to try LOL

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    Get one weapon then get gear. If you have two weapons on, only one gives you PvP power.

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