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    Balance druid PvP questions

    Hello community!

    I was playing feral for pvp until recently, but I got bored after a while, so I decided to play balance, since it has greatly improved since cataclysm. I have some questions though. First of all, what are the main stats I should chase? Currently I gem for pvp power and intellect and reforge for crit and mastery, after the hit cap for lvl 90.
    I play mostly 2s with a resto shaman, so what talents do you propose? I use Charge, Nature's Swiftness, Faerie Swarm, Incarnation, Mighty Bash and Nature's Vigil.
    Any other advice would be helpful. Also what combo do you suggest for a 3v3 team?

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    Haste and pvp power.

    My talents are:
    1st - Feline swiftness. Simply because 15% running speed increased is freakin nice for boomies.

    2nd - NS. For obvious reasons.

    3rd - Depends on what im playing, who im meeting, and what arena im playing. Lets say if I meet KFC, I would choose Faerie Swarm and have it focused on the warrior all the time, so he wont be able to do much damage. BUT, lets say im playing for example Dalaran Arena, typhoon is VERY powerfull here, as you can knock down you enemies and get very good control of their placement. It all depends of what your playing, who your playing, and where your playing.

    4th - Incarnation. Simply because of burst.

    5th - My main choice was Bash, but i've gone over to like Ursol's Vortex alot lately. If your playing vs a wizard cleave its very nice with vortex. You can lock out a player for a long time with Roots - Solar Beam on roots - Vortex on Solar Beam. You can also get very high preasure on by doing the same to a healer, as he will be locked down for a very very long time because the vortex will drag him back to the Solar Beam. Can also be used in defense to get melee of your back for a couple of sec.

    6th - Nature's Vigil.

    But keep in mind that boomkins only do great damage each 3rd minute, because its VERY cd based. When your about to go for a full burst, you have to go for a full burst. Lets say you root - solar beam - vortex their healer, pop all cds and go for a full nuke. If you fail you have to wait 3 min again to do some real dmg.

    Most of the boomkin burst cds is of the gcd aswell, so I would make a macro for it for high pressure burst:
    /cast incarnation: Chosen of elune
    /cast Celestial Alignment
    /cast Nature's vigil
    /use dreadful gladiator's badge of dominance

    Boomkins dont rly have alot of choices when it comes to setups in 3s.
    but one of the setup i've always loved as boomkin is Roasted Chicken cleave(Spicy chicken cleave) - Boomkin/Fire Mage/Healer(Hpala - Rshammy).

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