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    Best place for PVP info?

    My partner and I have always been mainly pve players with a bit of occasional casual pvp. This expansion though we've decided to get more serious about pvp rather than raiding. The problem i'm having is i'm struggling to find decent up to date info for anything pvp. Alot of guides etc are all from cata so clearly no good, so was wondering if there are any that you guys can recommend?

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    as much of the 'free stuff' as possible on skill-capped.com

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    arenajunkies if you want a horrible community.

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    ArenaJunkies is dead. Very little life left on their forums. Site isn't being updated aswell, rankings etc on their site are still those from Cata...

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    Arena junkies is where i tried to start with, but as mentioned its pretty dead and not being updated. Noxxic is only really good for checking stat prio's, which is useful but not in the same way as active forum discussion etc.
    Skill capped seems to be the only real source, but again alot of it isn't being updated, might just be because i'm looking at only the free stuf? not planning on paying for it though :P

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