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    Warriors in PvE

    What actually is the general consensus? I'm an Arms Warrior myself and until I got a decent wep (Normal starshatter) I was worthless to my raid. Now however, with my getting more gear I'm averaging about top 1-3 place dps in my raids, but before I had starshatter, I was nearly always at the bottom. I think the side of people that think Warriors are pretty crap right now in PvE is bigger, but there's also another side where they are a valuable asset to teams.

    What do you think?
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    Warriors bring some good utility to the raid, and they do great damage when they get some gear on them.

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    Weapon makes a night and day difference, especially as arms, and now more than ever since MoP made just about every strike scale off weapon damage + bonus instead of attack power.

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    Ignoring pvp since we are talking about PVE I don't think their has ever been a tier where warriors where considered weak (both tanking and dps). At best warriors and other melee classes where overshadowed because a certain class was overpowered (most of the time it is DK).

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    warriors arent great in pve at the start.. once they get really good weps and gear.. they are awesome.

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