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    Old School Priest

    First of all, I am not qqing or anything, I just wanna know your thoughts. From my PoV it was manaburn and baseline mind control which made priest special amongst healers. Now that both are removed (one made choice-wise skill) how do you think we should make difference ? Pallies have immense armor and bubble, shamans can do everything we can do in some better way, druids have unfinishing mana, unlimited shapeshift and monks... lol i dunno that much about them but they do some teleport thing and >= dmg to healer priests. So what are your thoughts ?

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    We get to wear Cloth as it looks better.
    We can be a gnome, big win over the other healer classes.

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    we can go shadow spec
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    I know how much it must suck to be the squishy healer for once But it's ''your turn'' to be the bottom feeder ;3

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    squishiness isnt the problem really... offensiveness of priest was what i lvled mine for and now we've lost all of this, shammy 2x dispel is better, druid stun and roots are better etc. etc. priest were weak againts dispels and poisons in old times too. i recall playing hunter in wotlk and destroying discs with viper sting or tranq shot, thats not the problem. even then they could make us go crazy with fear + pi + manaburn. now what ? penance the feared guy ?

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