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    Hunter talents compared to other classes:

    The other day was inspecting some players around cities, checking new talents and skills, and browsing some webs for the same reason.

    In general, i felt that our own (we hunters!) talents were a bit... worse.

    I dont know if it is because mostly all tiers have only one effective option in general (GT anyone?), with rest of other options usefull in some exceptions, or even not usefull at all...

    Maybe i feel like this because of the incoming LR nerf (which in long term seems nice, but kills burst BADLY), or maybe i sense our self heals/defensive cds aren't the best neither. Also, i feel like last two rows are VERY powerfull in some classes, while ours are... just ok.

    Anyone feeling like me? Any class that feels the same?

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    the burst needed some tweaking, however hunters sustained is too low, we have no legit cleave (with multiple cleave bosses) and no gimmick fights what help hunters.

    What we get it mostly middle to low DPS and boss mechanics that flat do not work regarding pets, with pets being more important than ever to hunters.

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    I do not really agree with you. There are some talents or tiers that should be improved but in general we are doing quite well. One major point you adressed is Glaive Toss, Power shot and Barrage. I really do not understand why they adjust PS and Barrage to make them competitive. Before playing after mop release, I expected PS to be a single target dps increase, Barrage to be for aoe and gt to be the allround talent.

    Silencing and Wyvern mainly depend on the kind of content you play. If heroic dungeons required cc I am sure Wyvern would be much more used than it is today. Binding shot can be very interesting for arena. For me this tier is fine. Also the healing tier seems to be pretty solid.

    Fervor seems to be lacking behind by quite a big margin unfortunately. But Toth and Dire both have ther justifications in PvE.

    In PVE Lynx rush(current state) and Amoc are both beeing used in PvE quite frequently where a s BS is used for PvP. I think we are fine.

    We might be lacking behind in damage but that is more a class/specc than talent issue.

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    Look at the monk ones.

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    Thanks for the constructive replys!

    Indeed hunter burst needed some "direct intervention", seeing how we destroyed in arenas. But keep in mind, that the main problem wasnt LR (in fact, at 1600-1800 rating people know how to counter it, and resi sustract a lot of damage), the problem was the bugged Stampede (100%/resi ifnored) + a good burst, LR (which alone i think is ok with its cd and that shares its damage if there are more targets available).

    And the other side of the coin, from having a nice burst, to having almost no burst at all (recent b. wrath is easy to counter). Not to mention survi and MM have no burst AT ALL.

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