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    [A] Radeon and Recruiting 10m (Aerie Peak)

    Radeon is currently looking for the following classes and specs. If your class is listed you will already have a foot in the door. Please follow the steps on the forum to make an application. These will be solid 10man raiding spots.

    our Progress:

    Mogushan vaults: 1/6 Heroic
    Heart of Fear: 3/6

    - Know your class
    Players who know their class. What this means is we do not want players who rolled an alternate character, picked up some gear, and decided he/she wanted to play this character now. We want someone who knows their class inside and out and we expect this from all of our members

    - Know what a voidzone is
    We're looking for players who have extremely good environmental awareness. Boss encounters today are extremely unforgiving to tunnel visioning healers and/or DPS. You have to know where you are at all times and if you do not, your performance will show this. We're not
    looking for players who spend an exceptional amount of time in ice blocks, doom fire patches, in void zones, or anything else that could be considered as ridiculous as these few examples.

    - Can handle constructive criticism
    We're looking for players who have a great attitude towards the game and other players. We want members who enjoy raiding, enjoy the challenge the game brings, and know how to interact with other people. We spend a lot of time in this game and a "cancerous" player does nothing but bring down the entire raid. A positive raiding atmosphere is extremely important to us. Because of this, we have an absolute "zero tolerance" policy when it comes to guild drama. We're also very vocal about improving our raids and we want members who know how to take constructive criticism and learn from it. We understand that nobody is perfect but we also understand that learning from your own (or other players) mistakes is part of the progression process.

    Raiding days + hours:

    Monday: 20:00 till 23:00
    Theusday: 20:00 till 23:00 (extra day new content)
    Wednesday: 20:00 till 23:00
    Thursday:20:00 / 20:30 till 23:00 / 23:30

    at the moment we are looking for the following classes:

    - Warlock
    - Feral Druid (tank)
    - Elemental Shaman
    - Resto Shaman
    - Prot Warrior
    - Dps Death Knight

    for more information u can have a look at: http://www.radeon-guild.net
    u also can come to Aerie peak server and have a word with our Gm / Officers: Isulia / Esro and Esper

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    bumpie still recruiting

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    bump still recruiting

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