Forgive me if this is in one of the guides, I've read through them. But I've been up all night leveling through cata so I'm a bit tired. But I just picked up a DMC:V for really cheap to boost my item level, and wanted to set up a WA for it.

But it made me think of a question I hadn't thought of yet.

When do DoT's update their stats? I know that you should refresh a dot right before a proc runs out, but what about when it first procs? For instance, my DMC:V procs, do I want to update my procs immediately, for the bonus damage, or just wait til the buff is about to run out?

I imagine for SW:P it wouldn't be too big of an issue to just refresh it immediately, but the other one has a bit of a cast time so it could be a waste of casting time. Especially with all the procs flying around all the time it could make you fall behind a bit in keeping up with them.

I remember back in Cata that they didn't update their Haste until you refreshed, but a little fuzzy on things like Int or Mastery procs.