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    Garalon healing help

    My guild just started attempts on Garalon last night & I found I was having a really hard time keeping up in hps AND mana.
    Not sure if resto shamans are weak on this fight in particular, as I keep competitive hps and generally manage my mana just fine on all other fights, but our monk was doing over 70k hps every attempt, druid around 50-55k and I was around 35-45k and oom for a good portion of the fight.

    Not sure if it's just because of the amount of movement required to keep up being in range of tanks and the pheromone kiters, but man, I don't think I've ever seen myself that low in hps compared to the other 2 AND also having major mana issues.

    Any thoughts/ideas? Is it something I'm not doing right or is it just how the fight is for r shams?

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    yea i am even with the paladin and behind the disc priest on this fight with my shaman in 10 mens, but i tend to have mana probs too, but it is doable.
    I use healing tide for first stomp action, ascendace for 2nd.,, at this time i als planted first mana tide, link with as many melees in for 3rd, and if ready, healing stream totem. This cd rotation i repeat whenever something got ready.
    i experimented, and got best results with chainheal glyph + singletarget ghw / hw spam, and rolling 3 riptides. Or disc is a beast on this fight, he got ranked top 20 last week, and did even better today, the pally and me are a serious amount behind him.

    People are too spread out for efficeant ae healing most of the time, and our raid has dps problems, the disc and me were dmg casting whenever we had low pheromone stacks, and i was using elemental pets as offensive dmg cd,with int prepot and stuff like that. i didnt use it, but telluric currents glyph could be a good options. at 30 % or so i oomed and i could help keeping the raid alive by using the abovementioned cd rota + healingwave / riptide only, but this is not the situation you would like to be in in this fight.

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    This fight is not friendly for shamans in 10 man mainly because healing rain just isn't efficient. Chain heal is still extremely inefficient mana and healing wise so your best bet is to make sure you are constantly dropping healing stream off cooldown WITH the totemic recall glyph. This helps a lot with smart healing but otherwise you are going to have spawm riptide with Healing Waves or GHWs. As for your mana problems you may want to reforge/gem into crit and mastery because haste is incredibly inefficient and will be until the last raid of this expansion. Hope this helps!

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    Christ, tonight is worse than last night was...they have me healing the tanks and kiters, but I find myself having to move every 3-5ish heals if I want to avoid the cleave & still be in range of boths tanks & kiters. I'm also being forced to use GHW and HS over healing wave because of how often I have to move and I'm going oom really quick...

    I dunno, I'm pretty frustrated with my class right now

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    Assuming you're 10 man, since I just now noticed you mentioned 3 healers in your post. Only have experience on 25 man, but seems like your guild is making you heal more targets than you should. Probably should make either the druid switch roles with you or bench the druid and bring a priest or paladin healer. Whatever you do, I wouldn't suggest having the kite healer also be in charge of tanks.

    On our 25-man attempts, my guild had me, the resto druid, focusing solely on keeping myself, current kiter, and new kiter alive. Have to agree that even with just 3 targets, you're going to oom pretty badly. Can't imagine trying to heal tanks as well, as I'm finding myself stretched thin on mana by the 8th or so kiter.
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    We started doing this fight with a Holy Priest, Resto Druid, and me (Shaman). Our attempts were horrible. Tanks were dying, pheromone kiters were dying, and I was going OOM and never broke 40k HPS. What I realized was that our strat sucked. What we did is have our two tanks kite, and a ranged DPS did a little kiting while the debuff was still on the first tank. They took him around in tight circles. The whole raid was stacked up in the center of the boss's platform. The boss was pretty much orbiting around us, with his purple circle touching the central circle on the platform. We rarely had people going out of range, and we only have one melee DPS. We spent the whole night wiping at 70% or higher and after this positioning change we were getting him to enrage constantly. After that it was only a matter of doing more DPS until our kill. So, here's what to do. Have your tanks and one ranged kite; take the debuff to 30, then pass it off. Your entire raid should be stacked in the middle. You can drop rain and all sorts of AoE heals. You should mainly be dropping Healing Rain with the unleash buff and using Healing Wave. I rarely used Chain Heal. We also have a strict cooldown rotation. We use a big healing cooldown whenever pheromones reaches 25 stacks. So from the time the buff goes from 25 to 30 and is passed off, there's a healing CD happening, and people are generally getting pretty filled up on health and there's no way anyone can die from a crush. At first we waited until after crush to use our healing CDs, but we found out we were burning too much mana healing everyone through 25+ stacks and people would get killed by crush if we neglected to get them high enough. Using the CD before crush is the best way to go. I went OOM at around 20%, but we killed the boss and I had about 60k HPS done. If you have too many melee, this strat will still work, but you'll still need to pay extra attention to them.

    TL;DR: Your tanks and one ranged kite. Take him around in tight circles. Raid stacks up in middle of platform. AoE heal your hearts out. Coordinate healing CDs when stacks are getting high. It doesn't hurt to have a designated pheromone healer. Our Druid kept Lifebloom on him.
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    Okay thanks for the strat, Selk! I'll pass the info along and hopefully we'll give it a shot and kill it tomorrow. It seems like a much better idea to stack and utilize healing better than the way we were doing it tonight. By the 3rd strat we were trying, I was healing myself, both cleave tanks and the kiter and I was going oom so fast...not to mention I was having to move every 4-5 heals and I was either falling behind on heals or behind on staying ahead of the cleave ]

    Monk was doin like 80k+ hps healing the raid and I was doing barely 35k what with the constant moving and such.

    Thanks again! I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.

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    Sorry had a long day so couldn't read through every one of your posts. But when I healed this fight with 3 healers it was a joke. I was almost full mana the whole time except for the last ~30 seconds when people accidently ran under him. We did kill him with 3 healers but that's because our DPS were doing good.

    When we had 2 healers (me and a disc priest) it was a lot more fun. My HPS was way up there, and we would go oom exactly at the enrage timer. Funny thing is we had retarded dps during those attempts and couldnt kill him.

    So yeah, mana wasnt much of an issue for me with 3 healers (i'm 485ilvl if that matters). Maybe throw more healing waves? Also have the ranged stack up when they can so that healing rain hits as much targets as possible. Theres barely any burst so I don't see how mana should be that big of an issue

    Edit: http://worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-xk...?s=4331&e=4756 Heres my WOL parse from our kill.
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    When I downed Garalon in 10 man, I was behind the Resto Druid, mainly because their hots are much stronger then ours. I basically Riptided everyone while spamming Healing Wave on all, using all my cooldowns repeatable after each other when I thought it was required. If you got Primal Elementalist, keep those two babies up all time will help you healing.

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    I 2 healed this with a monk.

    Monk was healing ranged and I was keeping up the kiter/slash targets + melee if in range.

    We initially tried 3 healing it but swapped to 2 healing after a few close wipes.

    It makes your life much easier if you can get the ranged to gather on a point and then kite the boss around that. You can then use your efficient AOE heals on that group. Think the monk ended on 82k hps and I was 62k hps (after dying to a stupid mistake and being ressed!)

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    Yeah, all the strats we used, no one was really grouped up...most ranged were in the same vicinity, but spread out. Often, one or two dps would be on the other leg and completely out of range of me.

    Using healing wave wasn't even really an option when I was healing the tanks/kiters. Maybe how they were kiting the boss and my positioning just wasn't efficient, as I seemed to be moving way more often than actually healing. I was forced to use bigger heals since I wasn't able to get off 2 or 3 healing waves on 1 target, I had to HS or GHW to top them off before a crush or to constantly move to be out of the cleave damage.

    Maybe this is stupid question, but how can you have ranged stacked at 1 point if the boss is always moving and dps needs to be in the blue circle for the 200% leg buff increase? Everyone is moving all the time and it's so difficult to just stay in range of them long enough to heal for more than 10 seconds at a time. This was my issue the entire night last night.

    When you were healing the tanks/kiters where were you positioned to be in range of them all and also not be in danger of getting cleaved?

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    Enrage is much easier to deal with when you 2 heal, we had a blade flurry rogue and a DPS warr (arms?) on the legs 100% in the green circles, all ranged collapsed on a spot roughly in the middle of the room, they were in range of the boss and all legs but didn't bother to get into the green circles. This spot doesn't really move that much.

    I would make sure I was in range of the kiter most of the time and lay my rain on the ranged group then I'd run into the rain when my targets were topped off.

    CD rotation on the stomps.

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    Ok, well I think the issue is that we have the kiter kiting along the sides, keeping steadily in front of the boss/behind the cleave tanks...obviously out of the cleave themselves, but I was having an issue healing both the cleave tanks and the kiter and also staying ahead of the cleave myself. This is where I found I had to move all the time, as the boss would be slowly moving my way and I kept needing to move to continually be out of the cleave but also be able to heal both tanks and the kiter.

    I found there were absolutely no purpose to using healing rain for the strat we were using since everyone was so spread out. I also am not sure how I could be in range of tanks and kiter and also be able to lay HR down w/o needing to move to do that every 10 seconds. I think I'm more confused about positioning than anything at this point.

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    I found I had bigger mana problems 3 healing with a non stacked raid than 2 healing with a stacked raid.

    Which ever works for your comp tho!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shammyspice View Post
    Ok, well I think the issue is that we have the kiter kiting along the sides, keeping steadily in front of the boss/behind the cleave tanks...obviously out of the cleave themselves, but I was having an issue healing both the cleave tanks and the kiter and also staying ahead of the cleave myself. This is where I found I had to move all the time, as the boss would be slowly moving my way and I kept needing to move to continually be out of the cleave but also be able to heal both tanks and the kiter.

    I found there were absolutely no purpose to using healing rain for the strat we were using since everyone was so spread out. I also am not sure how I could be in range of tanks and kiter and also be able to lay HR down w/o needing to move to do that every 10 seconds. I think I'm more confused about positioning than anything at this point.
    Have you tried kiting the phermone? Thats what my guild did. Me and 2 other tanks. When i was kiting i would basically heal myself and the tanks since i'd be in range, other healers on the raid.

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    Pretty much just keep HST on cd, cycle through your cds effectively on stomps, and riptide on cd / healing wave spam. GHW when the damage gets heavy from pheromone. 2 healed and 3 healed the fight (with a resto druid, and resto druid disc priest). Mana was out at 5% on the boss ish, (10.3k spirit buffed)

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    I have a resto shammy that has issues on that fight as well. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

    If you take pheromones, do so in the beginning only. The other healer can maintain healing until you are done, especially if you lust on pull. Ghost wolf and spirit walkers grace will make the initial pheromone run fairly easy. If you two heal, make sure that others are popping their cds. For example boomkins can still pop tranq on stomps, or pally can bop two people.

    I would advice the following cd rotation htt 1st crush, ascendance 2nd, spirit link 3rd. It may suit you to plan other raid cds. Our best bet is to have people stacked and drop a rain. The raid pheromone damage is too high and wont give you much time to LB for mana. Totemic recall and a pot is your best bet. I would stack spirit and use mana tide as much as you can.

    There is nature damage in the fight, so HST glyph may help. Totemic recall glyph is not a bad idea. Riptide glyph may be ok, if you have the mana. Also you can use earth elemental to give you damage reduction. You can use bulwark totem to give you an awesome shield. I have absorbed at least 400k - 500k damage with it. It also goes for your raid members. If you two heal, everyone needs to help out.

    You may also want to switch your earth shield to the person you heal most.

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    Maybe i missed it. Can you post your build/armory link?

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    We found a strat that works for us and healing is much much better now...only thing we're running into now is enrage because we're using 3 healers and us healers are swapping pheromone kiting. We had a >1% wipe Thursday night, but I'm confident we'll get it this week with the strat we're using.

    My healing is still pretty low compared to our druid and monk. The raid is grouped up so I can benefit from my aoe heals now, yay! However, I take pheromones first, so the druid and monk get like 2-3 million(if not more) healing ahead of me right off the bat. I'm using HTT on the first crush after I get back to the group after I'm done kiting pheromones...then I'll use SLT on the next crush, then it's time for me to kite again...I use HST on cd(pretty much), and I've been swapping ES from one of the tanks to our rogue who is off on the other leg, often out of range so it helps to throw it on her with a riptide and then just worry about healing the group and tanks.

    As for my glyphs/specialization, I'm going to spec out of Echo of the Elements and go for Elemental Mastery instead, for more burst on crushes(I've already made the change). Would you recommend Bulwark over Astral Shift? I have used both on and off.

    Like I said, I'm confident we will get it this week with the strat we used. We got really close Thursday night, but a lot of attempts got botched due to pheromones not jumping correctly(sometimes we'd be right on top of the person with it trying to take it off them and nothing would happen. Or, it would get taken off but then immediately jump back to the previous person...annoying).

    Anyway, here is my armory link as you requested: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...spice/advanced

    TY for the input all.
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    Our setup has been 1 pala tank+1 warrior dps in front of the boss (earthshield on warrior), and 3 healers + 1 range dps taking the debuff and kiting. Seems to work fine. We were hitting the enrage timer with 2 tanks and 3 healers, so decided to switch to a plate DPS instead.

    And as a resto shaman I am on par with the pala healer, but behind the monk. But, a kill is a kill
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    Generic thoughts:
    • A generally accepted strategy is for the ranged to all stand in the middle and turret. The DPS gain from running to moving legs is marginal so they shouldn't move unless the leg is right next to them.
    • Healing also depends a lot on the stacks you're switching at. I saw some other post that calculated that swaps at 13 stacks resulted in the lowest raid damage taken, and many kill vids (including top guilds such as Method) use this strat.
    • If you're behind on healing mostly because you perform another raid role, that's fine since you are contributing in another way. Kiting well is more important than your HPS.

    Shaman-specific thought:
    • You should stack crit over mastery unless you find yourself using AoE spells much more often than single-target spells. This is also partially fight-dependent, but crit proves stronger in general in 10man situations.

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