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    Quote Originally Posted by Proxeneta View Post
    WOTLK veteran, lol.
    4 years ago man hes officially considered a veteran of wrath lols
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    pfft as if you care..
    some people actually buy them for quite alot of gold just for a "why not" item

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orso View Post
    Can someone please answer this question. Hopefully you know what I am talking about. (sorry I don't have a screenshot.)

    At the beginning of WotLK, when the expansion event was kicking into gear, non-targetable wraiths started popping all over Azeroth. When we got Cata, I assumed that we wouldn't be seeing them anymore because, well the Lich King (the malevolent Arthas version) had gotten the axe, but there they were, all over the new zones in Cata. Was it a bug? Is there some lore behind it maybe? Is Bolvar (the new Lich King) still spying on us?

    I thought for sure when Pandaland got released that the non-targetable wraiths would go away, BUT THEY ARE STILL HERE!!! and I am pretty sure I have seen some of them on Pandaria, and it is really bugging me out that they are still around and still non-targetable.

    What are they?
    Where did they come from?
    Clueless much? They have jack all to do with Arthas. They follow characters who have the item called haunted memento.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    I remember when I first got mine. I was summoned to Kara to help with one boss, and everyone was freaking out, wondering what it was, and trying to figure out who it was following. It took us awhile to figure out. I didn't even realize that it was me, or the Haunted Memento. Little guy has been in my bags and following me around ever since!
    Back when I was doing heroic ping pong boss in DS, this mage started flipping out blaming this "ghost" was hitting orb back before it reached the group (it was really just mage not stacking properly) but I laughed and didn't say anything because no one else was seeing the "ghost" but I knew exactly what he was refering too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAWRF View Post
    Clueless much? They have jack all to do with Arthas. They follow characters who have the item called haunted memento.
    While this is true, to say that they have nothing to do with Arthas isn't entirely true.

    Shades, coming from Warcraft 3, are spies/observer units for the Undead. To have one following you, keeping its eye on you, means the Scourge took special interest in you.

    As a potential victim, or a resource, or both.
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