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    Combining computers problem

    Good Morning!

    Here is my problem. About a year ago my house was hit by lightning and it slowly destroyed my computer, I had to replace the hard drive, GPU, two of the ram modules don't work. However, now, I do believe it is currently functioning the way it use to. I didn't want to spend the money on Windows 7 and I had a buddy install Linux, since I only use the computer for listening to pod casts, web surfing, etc. I have never used Linux but for the basic stuff I do it is easy enough. Now, this computer has a decent CPU, AMD Phenom II 945 but that is the only decent thing left. I bought a different computer while I was getting the old one sorted out. The new one has windows 7 and all my files and what not it also has a decent GPU Radeon 6850 I believe and I have a decent PS I think it is the TX 650.

    So, this past weekend I attempted to combine the good parts from both computers, I have never attempted to mess with the CPU. I just took out the good GPU, PS, and hard drive and put it in my old computer (the one that is using Linux). I double checked all connections and everything seemed good.

    The problem is, windows wouldn't boot, it was get to the windows screen then it would restart. I tried running start up repair, use a restore point, etc. Nothing worked. Once I put the parts back in the other computers both computers worked fine.

    My question would be, why does everything work separately? Is the motherboard somehow now only able to recognize and use Linux? Is there something else I should have done?

    If I need to clarify anything just let me know. It is hard to explain the problem and everything I have tried without losing everyone's attention.

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    If I'm understanding you correctly, I'd guess the culprit is an OEM version of Windows. OEM Windows gets "locked" to the motherboard it is initially installed on.

    You'll have to reinstall Windows because you changed motherboards. If it doesn't let you, you can call Microsoft and explain that your motherboard was fried in a lightning storm and they should unlock it for you.

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    Thanks for the quick response!

    Yes, it is an OEM version.

    I will call microsoft and see what happens, thanks!

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    It would be your windows then, because an OEM version is only supposed to work on the hardware it's first installed on.
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    You will need to reinstall Windows to get it to work with the setup.

    The old Windows install will be setup for the old hardware and be broken on the new hardware.

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