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    Quote Originally Posted by Animalsasleaders View Post
    It's my mothers birthday that day, so I've booked her into a hotel for 3 days. Probably gonna buy a few tins of pringles and a lot of beer.
    Ha, Thats like putting your mom in a home so you can have a party at the weekend. love it

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    Hmmm, so given that the expansion isn't going to be available until at least 4pm GMT (probably more like 6pm or later) I think my plan is: stay up late playing games on Sunday night, get up late Monday, play games all day with the gf, again staying up as late as possible. Sleep all day Tuesday, get up around 5pm, eat, shower, get snacks etc ready, await servers coming up
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    Hmmm, so given that the expansion isn't going to be available until at least 4pm GMT (probably more like 6pm or later)
    Well this is good news then, dont get back from work till 6pm (then im off for the rest of the week!!). Was worried I would miss all the fun with the guild

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    Gonna wake up, head into town and stock up on some food. Currently have two big bags of doritos, a bottle of whiskey and a crate of Miller. Going to get a few microwavable burgers and be ready for 4 pm . Log on and play for at least 24 hours. Should be fun

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    I've got a few things to do, but plan on squeezing in some time. Took a "sick" day at work to go in for my second of three tattoo sessions, then probably some rifting til a friend comes over and then we are going to be doing job apps for next year since the school we work at is closing in December . Probably will get the bulk of my playing in on the weekend unless other schools pop up and I need to get an app out there. I need money to support my Rift addiction!

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    I'll probably be laughing too much at the players trying to play for 60 hours non stop in the "race to 60"

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    Well I feel like shit this morning. Damn it, why do I need to be so excited? -.- Must have woken up 10 times while sleeping last night. ugh blargh
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