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  • 1v1

    13 14.13%
  • 2v2

    19 20.65%
  • 3v3

    34 36.96%
  • 5v5

    2 2.17%
  • RBG

    6 6.52%
  • Normal BG's

    7 7.61%
  • I like the way it is balanced now.

    3 3.26%
  • Other

    0 0%
  • Not sure how i feel about the balancing

    4 4.35%
  • I dont care

    4 4.35%
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    Quote Originally Posted by maaci View Post
    Seems to me it have to do with how healers work in pvp. To balance it around 1v1, would mean to be able to kill a healer. Doesnt make sence how they handle the game.
    Well, I don't really think that's the problem since you can already beat healers 1v1 right now due how imbalanced everything is.
    Currently every dps spec has a number of specific offensive cooldowns and defensive cooldowns. Right now, the specs with the greates amount of those cooldowns wins 1v1, in our case that are beastmastery hunters and warriors.
    EDIT: What I mean is that currently classes with the highest burst yet good defensive abilities win and rest dies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by arenaftw View Post
    Asking this question means u got 0 clue about pvp and making threads like this hurts my eyes
    whats pvp? sounds like a sex toy

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