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    Addons for Feral dps

    Hello, anyone here know some helpful Feral addons for raiding?

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    I'm using Recount,Weakauras,DBM,PowerAuras and VuhDo
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    I use Need to Know for timer bars for buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns. There are a few other addons that do the same type of thing. Need to know is easily customizable for all your classes though.

    It's nice once you program yourself to recognize a color almost running out translates to using a certain spell. You won't even need to look at it other than the corner of your eye once you are used to it.

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    for the feral spec specifically I've been using droodfocus and hearkitty for a long time.

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    Does anybody know if the Ovale script for feral was updated for MoP?

    If so, that is really all you need since it shows you your cooldowns and abilities to use in just on configurable spot.

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    Leafkiller and Aggixx have done a lot of work on it. The latest script is available with the "Nerien's Ovale Scripts" add on. When Leaf makes any changes the addon will be flagged as an update (curse client). You can find it here. We also have a Q&A thread for the script at Fluiddruid.net.

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    Class Timer and Combo Point redux and then the basic raiding addons

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    I use WeakAuras for tracking everything I need. I don't use it anymore but I've always been a fan of Droodfocus, great set up for Ferals.

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    Droodfocus all the way. I even use it for other classes. It has everything you will ever need as a feral.

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