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    Starting on a new server question

    I'm starting a new server with 0 gold, and had a question for you guys. Any opinions could help. I was wondering if it would be more economical for me to lvl 2 gathering profs (mining and herb) to max lvl just to stock me back some gold and then switch to a production prof? Or lvl one gathering and matching production together?

    Ty in advance

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    Just level. You'll get enough gold getting to 90 (you don't and shouldn't have to buy anything) that you can then decide what you want to do with professions.

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    I'd level double gatherer. Herbalism and Mining, sell everything along the way, you should make a mint. When you get to max level and you decide you want a crafting profession you can drop one of your gathering professions and keep the one that compliments your crafting one. For example, you want to be a JC or BS, keep mining, etc.

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    I did exactly the same as you OP, started up a brand new character on a new server.

    I decided to take Herbalism and Mining. They can both be tracked at the same time so you don't have to worry about missing a node. I had made about 3K gold by level 65 which is not a fortune but enough to keep me supplied with what I need.

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    I'm in the gathering as you go camp too. If you plan on ditching them later, save the mats you need to level the professions you want to end up with.

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    Ty for the help so far, I have a max lvl bs and jc, planning on ditching one of the gathering profs once I hit 90 just didn't seem like I would make as much to set back while leveling if I did a crafting prof while leveling

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    this depends really.

    I'd level without proffessions and fix that later, since there's alot easier ways to make gold, just after like lvl 70 when you have a few hundred gold to play around with, start AH playing. just make sure you always have enough for flying mounts, dont go waste it all

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    Herb mine esecially as you now get experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    Herb mine esecially as you now get experience.
    There is a point I didn't even remember. Not only will you make gold and not have to go back to the leveling zones to power level a gathering profession later but you'll get lots of extra exp to level faster, bonus.

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    True, I even forgot about that lol

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    Go to the capital city and beg people for gold or bags.

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    I've done the same in the last 2 days...and herbing / mining for the xp boost and gold income is definately the way to go

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    Quote Originally Posted by 999tigger View Post
    Herb mine esecially as you now get experience.
    Exactly, gained half a bar from 85 to 86 just from maxing my mining.

    It's probably more significant at lower levels.

    Another suggestion, and this might be a long stretch, but hear me out.

    Install Silverdragon/NPCscan, and hunt down rares. The xp you gain from them is huge, and they guarantee a green item.
    With transmog, prices of lower level greens have skyrocketed, trust me, it's how I make my goldz (especially on a RP server).
    You'd be surprised how much it sells rather than vendoring it.
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    Skinning and herb OR mining. Less travel time.
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    If you're a leather use I'd recommend skinning/mining instead incase you want to go LW at lvl 90.

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    I would, from the start, level alchemy and herbalism if I were starting anew. Alchemy doesn't take a lot of herbs to level and it is a decent profit maker at max and if you keep herbalism you can farm mats to make potions in a good amount. Then use the gold to do whatever.
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    well it works well so far at low lvl haha, went herb/mining and i'm already lvl 12 and have made around 300gold already just farming while questiong, not going out of my way. Think i will stick with this lol

    thanks for all the help guys

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    If you only have a level 1, you can go straight to the capital city, beg for a few gold and then start looking at low level ores, stones, herbs, clothes and leathers. Use Auctionator and you can find price discrepancies and usually buy really low and sell in a few hours a lot higher. There are entire guides written about this strategy but that's the gist of it. You can literally get to a million gold without having a character higher than level 1. It's fun.

    If you're going to level anyways I'd grab either Mining or Herbalism and then I'd grab enchanting. Enchanting is hard as hell to level from level 90 since you don't have all the low level uncommons and rares to disenchant. If you have it while you level you'll be able to disenchant a shit load of stuff while leveling up. It's the best profit per minute invested.

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