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    Do you run away? (Gankers/World PvP)

    Often when I'm traveling around Azeroth, because I'm leveling archeology or farming some mats... I obviously come across a lot of people from the opposite faction, lower levels that are doing their quests and leveling. Very often I see them... well, reacting scared. They leave the questing area to go hide in the friendly camp near the guards while I'm doing my archeology or am skinning some mobs. Totally unnecessary because I do not gank lower level people anyhow... (unless they're trying to mine my nodes).

    As consequence of my own behaviour ... I rarely run away from higher levels of the opposite faction either, when I'm leveling my own alts. I don't attack them and I don't expect them to gank lower levels easily either, and I must say... I've never ever in 8 years time had problems with this. I rarely ever get ganked or attacked by higher levels, we just ignore eachother and do our own thing.

    What about you do? Do you run away when you see a higher level of the opposite faction?

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    No. If he bothers me he'll regret it.
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    No, but if a higher level attacks me he uses up his one free get out of jail card. If he hangs around and tries again, the main comes out and he and his entire family line will wish they had never rolled the opposing faction.

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    I don't run. If they're going to leave me alone all the better but if they want to gank me, they're going to one shot me there isn't anything I can do about it if they're 90 and I'm on a leveling character.

    That being said, my leveling characters getting ganked was never an issue until CRZ was introduced. Then 90s from other servers started popping up all over the place one shotting level 30s, with guild names like "World PvP's Finest". Yeah....sure.

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    no, I have pvp flag off
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    Simple, anyone attacks me, i defend myself. I see any other enemies attacking my side, i help defend, otherwise, i TRY not to cause trouble

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    I never run. If I get ganked once or twice I think it's part of the game. If I get camped I grab my lock, kill them, start a campfire and do the gnome dance on thier body. Odds are if it's up to me we're gonna be there for a while lol

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    i had a lvl 70 ganking me in terrokar on my monk as i was capping towers. i logged onto my 90, he went to attack me again. he regretted it

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    While lvling: No. Though I will be careful just incase because of how aggressive the Alliance players are on my realm (and I'm talking about they'll chase you down until you're dead aggressive).

    While on my main: Yes. Since I'm a monk it's harder to fight against Paladins (whom are the most aggressive players because of their insta burst and immunity and are very popular for those reasons). After the players forgets about me I strike back and gank him back. You gank me > I flee with flying serpent kick and roll/sprint and come back for revenge.

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    I do see lowbies fleeing in terror when I'm doing archaeology, which I admit makes me smile, but only because they have no idea what a lovey fluffy carebear I am. (Really only ended up on a PvP server because a friend recruited me there when I was new.)

    In the case that I'm on a low level alt, I never run away when high level players are nearby. Seems kinda pointless...if they want me dead, they'll find me. I'd rather just carry on my way and hope they're not feeling murderous that day. Usually they're not. And if they are, I don't want to give them the satisfaction of seeing me try to escape.
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    You only have to worry about ganking on Tich is during the occasional guy flying to the top of the city to kill afk people, and when an expac or tier first come out so a few hundred people are next to each other.
    Havent had many issues aside from people abusing phasing so I can't deal with them on the main.

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    I hide behind objects, sometimes it's quite fun to know they're oblivious to my presence and yet I'm so close to them.
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    I never attack first in pvp situations.

    When I'm attacked first, flight wins over fight and I wait til they're gone.
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    No, most efficient thing to do is continue. If you're ganked and have no chance to win, most efficient thing to do is stand there until dead, release and run back. ACtually on my warlock if I get ganked by 2+ people while im on a couple mobs and know there is no chance, i just life tap to hurry up the situation. The faster its over the fast im back and doing my thing. I only fight back when I think I can win, or for the first few seconds of the fight when im not sure.

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    first of all, there is no difference in ganking and world pvp.

    world pvp is ganking at its core. unless its a planned world pvp event, like my guild used to do <WELCOME TO WORLD PVP> was the name. however mostly all old world pvp was instigated by ganking. high level kills low level, low level gets main. instigator gets friend to kill main, escalates, next thing u know its one guild vs another in halaa all because one guy wanted to buy his halaani claymore.

    as to running away, no i dont. i ignore them, they ignore me. unless if its a kill on sight guild or target. or if its some fairy elf polesmoker. if they start shit, i end it. theres a reason i usually quest as blood and have since wrath. people see blood dk, see the buffs (see my huge amounts of hp when blood was changed to tank spec), thats usually enough of a deterrence for them to think its not even worth it.

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    It's World PvP when it's on your terms, ganking/griefing when it's done to you.

    As for me, I play on Cho'gall US Horde so there's no Alliance to bug me while I'm doing my dailies, and I never go out in the old worlds because I have no reason to. When I'm leveling a character I always expect the worst from people and just ignore them until they kill me, then I just log out and do something else, I don't even bother to release.

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    In Cata if a turd or Horde NPC killed an alt, if I didn't do it myself I'd have sis along and we'll wipe out their faction camp wholesale for long time as punishment. Sometimes levelers were there, but I'm not going to let a turd or Hordie get away with their crimes.

    Did it in Org as well killing their flight masters especially. Only faction camp I couldn't wipe out if needed was in TB. Those NPCs h-u-r-t.

    I don't willfully do things like that, but if I'm minding my own business and my own gets killed, there's retribution to be paid. Especially that troll hunter in Borean Tundra who killed my alt after he was killed by a Horde NPC for flying maybe 50ft away from their camp. I cleared out that camp for over an hour. No flight masters, no vendors nothing remained. Anyone there just had to sit it out.

    Gankers just makes their own pay, as I sure not going too.
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