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    The thing is, unless there is a huge spike in cash shop sales GW2 will be NCsoft's worst earner by the end of 1st qt 2013, B&S and Aion will probably pass it by the end of 4th qt 2012. This caused NCsoft stock to drop 10% on the day of the report. This is the reason for the free trial and the huge shift to a progression based system.

    B2P is looking like a lose, lose for publisher and gamer alike. Pub makes less money, the gamers give up power. I honestly do not think we will see anymore B2P mmo, if we do they will be far less expensive to develop.

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    Not really sure why you think it'll be a "lose" for the publisher. They get their profit, it's just not constant stream of profit but instead a "burst" of profit at release with sales and revenues collapsing within a month or so.

    Which is the standard for most buy to play games on the market.

    That said, they'll likely want to milk GW2 as much as they can, so we can expect measures that will add to customer base, such as more micro-transactions and other long term revenue-generating elements. That and various DLC packs and probably expansion or too.

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    So you are either saying ANet lied about the sales numbers or NCSoft is reporting a lower than actual revenue?

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