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    Meta/Dark Soul Marco


    I want to macro Dark Soul with Touch of Chaos. I'm not sure if this possible. I'm just getting around to fixing my UI, and this is the last piece of the puzzle.

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    With ToC being directly tied to Shadowbolt, you'll probably need to get 2 buttons seperately for SB and ToC or run the risk of just using DS on cooldown with a SB while still building fury. And IF you are going to get 2 buttons, why not then just make/use a dark soul button instead and have the advantage of being able to use it smartly with other cooldowns, like Wild Imps?

    Though someone really smart with macros might turn up that knows how to make it work with some kind of conditional or stance requirement or something miraculous.

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    /cast [stance] dark soul
    /cast shadow bolt
    Note: I do not condone this macro, but it does work.

    Also, while Shadow Bolt is tied to Touch of Chaos, it isn't true in reverse. For instance in PvP I use the following macro because I never hard cast shadow bolt:

    /cast touch of chaos
    /cast demonic slash
    /cast fel flame
    This lets me use Fel Flame in caster, while still using the correct filler in Meta \ DA.
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