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    I'm so tired of bads claiming horrible balance in GW2 pvp.

    WvW is not balanced, nor was it ever meant to be. It's a lolzergfest big open pvp zone to fuck around in. If you want balanced, organized pvp, hurrdurrherpderp join spvp with some friends. How the fuck can your tiny brain even fathom that WvW should have balance when people can join in starter armor, making you crit them for 40k...train 20 pve mobs then stealth having them all jump on you, etc. WvW is not pvp. Stop using it as an example for balance.

    Another thing that bothers the hell out of me is these bads can't seem to put anything but dps utilities on their bar. Personally, I run with roll for initiative and shadowstep to basically be immune to getting stuck in an immob or stun, usually one of them is off CD because I manage them well with practice. Any time it's a thieves basilisk venom (obvious animation on your character) or a warriors HB I easily GTFO of there immediately, avoiding what everyone is crying about *gasp* yes it's possible.

    Do these idiots really expect to eat a mug+C&D+BS with their glass cannon build? Even if I don't dodge, on my 2400 defense thief almost 20k HP I still put out decent damage and can survive any burst, especially with my utilities. Yet ANet have already nerfed one of our burst signets, not that I disagree with the change. But lol warrior still untouched with their 20k damage AoE hurrdurr, this all tells me that it's WoW all over again. People are going to cry their little heads off because it's the stealth class. Doesn't matter if it's over or underpowered, people will cry anyway.

    All I gotta say is get good, you're all horrible at this game, go back to WoW MoP with all your billions of CC's and globals where you don't even play your character 90% of the time if you think GW2 pvp is unbalanced. Oh and WvWers, get out of your little sand box and come play with the big boys in tpvp if you want your opinion to hold any credit at all.

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    Sometimes you just need to let it out...but not in the forums.

    If you want to have a discussion, great. But ranting on the forums isn't going to lead to a productive discussion.

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