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    Is it worth using thunderclap as fury ?

    Hey, I was wondering if thunderclap is actualy good for fury ? Does it apply deep wound to all target as it does in prot ? Do you fellow fury war find yourself using thunderclap in any/certain situation ? Thank you

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    the meat cleaver mechanic makes the combination of whirlwind and raging blow far superior to the damage of thunderclap and deep wounds.

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    Not only that, but Fury does NOT have the Blood and Thunder passive, which places Deep Wounds on all targets Thunder Clap hits. Pretty much the only reason to use it is to apply the debuff if no one else in your raid/group does. Which is going to be incredibly rare (pretty sure all tanks can).
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    Which is going to be incredibly rare (pretty sure all tanks can).
    Aye, all tanks can apply the Weakened Blows debuff.

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    It's not. we get a lot more AoE out of the relatively short cooldown on Bladestorm or dragon roar, or even just WW-WW-WW-Raging Blow. So, we only put dots on 4 at a time, but the dots are much bigger.

    Actually, I guess you could use it for peddly stuff that doesn't have enough HP for the RB dot to be effective. But, naw, just use it for questing if you want to use it at all.

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    Actually Thunder clap is worth using in 1 specific situation:

    If you have 3 meat cleaver stacks up and no BT ready for the next GCD (and berserker rage on cooldown) you want to fill in the empty GCD with thunder clap.

    For obvious reasons this only is worth using on packs with 4+ mobs in it.

    Edit: Obviously Dragon Roar has to be on cooldown as well in order to make it worth using.

    Edit2: It's actually also worth using on superhuge packs which consist out of well over 20 mobs as it's damage should beat a 3 stack meat cleaver RB at that point.

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