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    I just did an lfr on my alt shaman and saw anothe elemental shaman doing 8k DPS on stone guard... he was only using chain lightning the whole fight.

    I saw some <20k on heroic bosses. Silly. I also saw a mage around 18k in LFR. Not sure what he was doing. FIREBALL SPAAAAAAM

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    Lowest I've ever seen was a hunter named Nimrod (you know, the Biblical hunter) in TBC. We were doing Heroic Sethekk as a guild, needed one dps. Picked up this guy. He never topped 300 dps. Only meleed, never had a pet. Asked him some questions and he ran out of ammunition and his pet morale was too low to use his pet because he never fed it. He was decked out in epics too, all welfare though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    A 90 rogue did 10k dps during 4 Sha of Anger attempts.

    I did that dps at level 70 ish..
    No you didn't

    I saw a lock doing to 17k on a sha pug. We killed the boss so I didn't say anything, also I don't know a damn thing about warlocks so I wouldn't have been able to help him.

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    Did a HH run with a hunter who did 7k DPS. I had to tell her to send her pet in...

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    Wasnt on a boss, but on a dummy... Had a DK doing 11K DPS and bragging about it in guild chat.

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    Did Stone Guard with a fire mage who was trying (I think) and he pulled 19k (most of his damage on the stone form add).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsden View Post
    No you didn't
    For real, 10k is much higher than people were pulling in TBC at level 70. I remember how happy I was when I broke 1k dps on my warrior. Took a decent amount of high level gear.

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    I don't PvE much but probably me. Back in the dragon soul LFR days I would afk / auto attack in raid finder because I wanted vial of shadows for my rogue. I hate PvE so much, couldn't contribute more than that.

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    Was doing a 90's run of Heroic DS for transmog, and the group was pretty horrible.

    Had a hunter, rogue and DK doing about 30k DPS all of which were in more or less pre-raid BiS, it was probably a good thing I did like 120k DPS to make up for it, but damn.
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    lowest DPS ive seen was 12... some lvl 13 Paladin who helped me killing Anok'suten in Suncrown Village... I kicked him immediately after the mob was down...

    at lvl 90 - I think some Rogue with 11k DPS - I didnt care, Im all the DPS the group needs, but not the one it deserves right now.... BECAUSE IM BATMAN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tziva View Post
    Me, on my hunter. I don't know wtf is the problem but I'm averaging 15k DPS at 89 when I am actually trying. WTF. I'm doing twice that on my level 85 shadow priest.
    Eh don't feel too bad, my druid as balance(decided to go balance for the first time after hitting 90) and was lucky to break 10k, I'm doing betterish now though, think I broke 30k once or twice with mostly crafted PvP gear.

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