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  • Stay in washington making far less but have freedom?

    0 0%
  • Go live with parents and make more money?

    7 33.33%
  • Go to Chicago and make more money but have freedom?

    14 66.67%
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    more money, rent free - sounds like a win to me (betting you're not going to be paying for cable, power, water, etc, either.

    as long as you have a good-standing relationship with the parents it sounds like pretty much an ideal situation.

    you can ALWAYS find a place when they kick you out!

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    Do the jobs include healthcare and do they include any vacation time or do you have to purchase time? Also look at the crimerate in the area of chicago your looking at along with the price of services that you would use (electricity and so on). $3,000 is a pretty small amount if you figure in that you may be shoveling money into insurance, more expensive life needs and securities.

    Of course, your 20, still a child (no offense) and I have no doubt that you don't see a need for any of these things. Aside from this,accept the job before you actually go. It wouldn't be amusing (to you) if it was just "oh yeah, I'll give you a job - pffft".
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