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    Warrior PvP Geming

    I wanted to know what is actually best, I have seen a few different warriors gemming differently. Does stacking PvP Power actually scale higher then strength? I personally have half PvP Power/Strength until I know for sure what is actually better. I know PvP Power is better the more strength you have but maybe stacking straight PvP Power will give you more of a benefit in the long run. These are questions I have had sense the first week of MOP, what do you guys have to say??

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    PvP power is best. You almost always put in a +320 pvp power gem except when you need a red one for a good socket bonus you take str+pvppower.
    In Yellow slots you either gem Crit+PvPPower (most people do prefer this one) or resilience + pvp power. Mostly depending on your comp.

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