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    Taste for Blood procs (arms)

    I like playing arms warrior because it doesn't rely on as many procs as fury and its a lot more straight forward. But lately my taste for blood hasn't been procing very often, anyone got any advice other than switching specs.

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    Unless they reduced the proc rate of TFB (which i don't think they did) you are most likely just suffering from bad RNG.

    In either case there is nothing you can really do to manually increase the number of TFB procs you get aside from ensuring you follow the priority rotation properly.

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    Don't expect your stacks to get very high multiple times unless you're attacking a dummy for 10 minutes straight. It should be fairly easy to get 2-3 in an encounter though, multiple times.
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    RNG is RNG.

    arms is more proc dependent then fury is right now, because with fury the more crit you stack the more you BT crits you get, with arms is simple % chance.
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