So i'm thinking of getting another monitor to hook up for watching streams and movies or what ever on the side. I'm wanting at 27 inch monitor, and im kinda stuck on that but not completely. is the monitor i'm thinking about, and the thing i wanting to know is what out there is better for ~350 US dollars for less. And I'm also wanting to get either a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound head set, but it can not be USB and the only one I can seem to find is the razer Tiamat, which looks nice and I use a razer headset right now but "most" of the reviews aren't really on its side. Was wondering if anyone here had one, or has suggestions on a different one. I'm wanting to hook it up to my soundcard, and my comp freezes everytime i plug a USB headset in lol. thanks for the help <3