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    Quote Originally Posted by Eggwolls View Post
    Are you FUCKING kidding me? The FIRST shaman change to be seen since MoP release and it's a fucking nerf? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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    Dude, the natural disaster was in the USA. We already give money to other countries that are in need. My gosh. People want handouts all over the damn place...
    Euhm, you want handouts yourself mate.... thats one great example of irony.

    And you are one misinformed person amongst millions, due to the lack of media attention, wich was more focussed on the US then on the rest of countries hit:
    69 people dead in 6 countries. In Haiti alone 52 people dead, and hundreds of thousands are left homeless.

    Now I do feel for those hit in the US, but I never forget the fact that those people hit in the US even now have it better then the people living on the Caribbean islands wich get hit by hurricanes more often.

    The severity of the impact on the people in the two regions isn't comparable at all. Its like comparing a drought in Africa to a drought in western countries. The fomer costs thousands of lives, the latter increases the local food prices at most.

    And with the US as an economy being so big, that economy makes relief efforts cheap and might even lead to an increase in spendings wich in terms causes more jobs. On Haiti the people who didn't already live in tents, (still after the 2010 quake) will have to do so now, and might have to do so for the coming year(s).

    However to keep things on topic, I do like the idea, and will buy the pet. Its atleast something I can do to help.
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    I came here to express my joy over the Discipline buffs but instead I came across a deeply misinformed political discussion about the Red Cross and the USA's economic situation. Please wait just a moment while I put on my surprised face.

    Anyway, 200% on Rapture and a 20% buff to baseline DA procs should make disc much more viable in heroic. Thank you chaud!

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    If people want to argue politics, there's already other forums for that on MMO-Champion. Feel free to even create your own thread there. Just not here, ok? =/
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    Former Chromaggus EU player here, GZ to Arctica !!!

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    Yay, Lynx Rush first changed to a Bleed, now the Bleed is being nerfed, and its not even live yet! screw you pvpers!

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    Better nerf Finns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyandor View Post
    Printing more money just lowers the value of said money and if you keep doing that dollars won't be accepted anymore. Money needs to be backed up by something of value, otherwise the paper it's printed on is worth more than the money itself. Just printing more is a downward spiral if you don't have economic growth to back it up.
    And you know what?

    In current "high tech" society and civilization money is based on the basic principle of existence itself! On the exactly the same law/rule as all living beings!

    "I am that I am and I am the 'law' "

    Money is nothing else than a state's (national/country) law that declares "money" as the only legal tender in the economy of the corresponding area/territory.

    But their is one big, prime problem which such a thing, "fiat" money. Its value is based on pure speculation and hazard of "high banking", which operate beyond the scope of goods exchange and on "vampire" principle of usury.


    With higher taxes and saving we are only prolonging "status quo" (current state of only increasing debt but at slower pace) to the total collapse and destruction of human civilization. Unless those who "run the show" decide to trigger another world war for total economy reset.

    My 2 (euro)cents of completely out of topic and almost hijacked tread.

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    Another patch update, still not impressed.

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