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    Best spec for each class

    I have a 90 dk pally and monk and I want to level the rest of my 85s so im wondering whats the best spec for each class? I am already going frost on my mage and I already know the obvious shadow priest lol but im wondering for the rest since others here have leveled the others and know whats best. I was thinking for lock its demo or destro, aff has to long of a ramp up time..shammy ele because being ranged is easier in general. hunter tested a bit and it seems like BM is the best. As for war i haven't played him to much so im guessing arms? seems like it would be faster. and same for rogue haven't touched him much but last time it was sub but now i'm thinking assass. Tell me what you think
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    Survival for hunter, you can kill packs way faster.

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    Also im wondering what all of you think the fastest Class/spec is to level? wars seem pretty fast to me
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    I leveled my Warlock as affliction, and I didn't have much trouble killing rares and stuff. Multi-dot is very strong early on (till ~88) and self healing is so good that there's zero downtime.

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    Protection warrior is pretty darn fast, if you ask me. You can two/three-shot pretty much everything you find, and if you position correctly, you can pull large amounts of enemies at the same time and just tab-revenge/victory rush them all to death with incredible ease. A good number of interrupts and upkeep of shield wall will see you through just about anything, and Prot's damage output is really, really high, while it has absolutely no ramp-up time.

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    Holy Priest

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    Druid: Moonkin
    Death Knight: Moonkin
    Hunter: Moonkin
    Mage: Moonkin
    Monk: Moonkin
    Priest: Moonkin
    Rogue: Moonkin
    Shaman: Moonkin
    Warlock: Moonkin
    Warrior: Moonkin
    Paladin: Warrior
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    It's all pretty subjective and there's really no right answer. Especially for 9 different classes.

    I'm going to lock this since these things never seem to work out well and this is not so different from a "Tell Me What Class to Play" thread which we don't allow.

    Play what you like the best. If you really can't decide take a look at some of the stickies in class forums.

    - ML
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