About Us:

Gwen Stefani is an alliance guild on the Blackhand server and top 100 US. We are looking for experienced, solid players to compete in our raid ranks and to push content in MoP. We are looking to achieve all server firsts and to make a strong U.S. standing. We are a 4 day a week raid guild, raiding Mon-Thursday 7pm-10pm CST.

If you think you are the best player in your guild, or can compete with our current raiders or blow them out of the water, do not hesitate to apply or contact us.

We are currently 3/6 Heroic MSV.

Recruitment Needs:

We are currently looking for any exceptional player that can outplay any raider we currently have.

Priest (Holy/Disc) - Medium
Monk (MW) - Medium
Monk (WW) - HIGH
Deathknight (DPS) - Low
Druid (Resto) - Medium
Mage - Medium
Shaman (Resto) - Low
Shaman (Enhancemen/Elemental) - HIGH
Rogue - Low

Cataclysm Server Firsts (All 25 man):

Heroic Feng

Heroic Zon'ozz
Heroic Morchok
Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn
Normal Madness of Deathwing and everything before it.

Heroic Ragnaros
Heroic Shannox
Heroic Lord Rhyolith
Heroic Alysrazor

Heroic Halfus
Heroic Chimaeron
Heroic Conclave
Heroic Maloriak
Heroic Magmaw
Heroic Atramedes
Heroic ODS
Heroic Twin Dragons
Heroic Nefarian
Heroic Cho'gall
Heroic Sinestra
Heroic Ascendant Council
Heroic Al'Akir

You can find our website at: http://www.gsguild.org

You can also add [email protected]