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    Heroic Gara'jal [Elemental]

    Hey guys. After being out of power due to the Hurricane, and managing to play a little catchup after missing Heart of Fear, we decided to work on H Gara'jal again since a lot of us got some new gear, especially a few 2 sets for T14.

    However, we find ourselves wiping at 5% or below due to enrage, so I'm wondering what other things I can do to squeeze out as much DPS as possible on him.

    Here is the setup I have, including talents/glyphs at the moment: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...yylia/advanced

    Would it be worth using Echo over EM for this fight? We also have some people leaving early to maximize uptime on the buff that you receive for being inside the Spirit World. And since I'm one of the two DPS that goes in the first totem, When I come out early with the buff, I use my second potion there.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    i feel that EM gives more of a dps boost on this fight than echo since it is a quite short fight

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    When is your team Bloodlusting ? If on the pull then I would wait with my second pot till Ascendence is up again...

    wait till you have come out of the underworld - see if you have a deck proc incoming through addons like extraCD + on use trinket + em + ascendence ...

    I also wouldn't use CL-glyph there .. depends on how good your team is to get rid of adds in the underworld I guess ...

    Good luck

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    Yeah, we Lust right on the pull.

    Now I stand, the lion before the lambs... and they do not fear... They cannot fear...

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    I use 4 piece resto Tier 13 before the pull.

    Pre-pull macro (1-2sec before pull)

    /use [potion]
    /use spiritwalkers grace (to proc the t13 haste)
    /equipset [main gear]

    cast Elemental blast
    cast flame shock
    fire ele
    ascendance spam LvB while getting in position

    regular rotation from there, use your next potion with ascendance when it comes back up.

    your fire ele will be able to dps the last 1minute of the fight as well.

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    the real question here is, you say you are wiping at 5%, is this due to a lack of dps or some deaths happening throughout the fight? or people staying down under for too long.

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    I use my second Asc when i come out from the spirit realm with max buff, and second pot aswell ofc.

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