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    BM and you in 5.0.4 (with lots of macros)

    So far in the patch, BM is definitely seeming to be the strongest spec on most fights (probably them all if kill command was not currently bugged). Since it is a new spec and we are all obviously trying to figure things out I am making this thread to gain some advice on macro's and the use of dire beast as well as hopefully giving some advice in return.

    Currently the "cookie cutter build" for BM dps seems to be:

    Posthaste (mostly preference)
    Silencing Shot (pretty much mandatory, provides a viable interrupt)
    Aspect of the Iron Hawk (why not take 15% less damage?)
    Dire Beast (highest dps choice for this tier according to the data and more useful the fervor for sure, focus is not really an issue. Use it on CD)
    Lynx Rush (hits like a truck! use with Rabid and bestial wrath if possible, more dps then blink strike even single target so far from what people are seeing)

    Current things I have been doing as a priority System:
    1. Serpent sting up
    2. Kill command on cool down
    3. Arcane shot to dump
    4. Dire Beast on CD
    5. Lynx rush on CD (so far, not sure if waiting to par with Bestial is worth it)
    6. Kill shot x 2 (when sub 20% #1 priority!)
    7. Cobra shot if you need focus obviously and if SS is falling off

    For AoE I have just been throwing an explosive trap, multi shot spamming and making my worm burrow. It is pretty descent AoE but I think survivals AoE will be stronger until you have stampede for multiple warms. Also keep in mind for huge AoE as BM, you can Bestial Wrath and then burrow and do the same thing and Burrow hits like a truck!!!

    Cool Down Management:

    I am using Bestial Wrath with Lynx rush and Rabid. for some massive Burst, while doing my normal rotation and spamming arcane shots and kill commands, when bestial wrath is about to expire your serpent sting will most likely be about to fall off, Throw out a cobra shot and then pop rapid fire. You NEVER want to pop rapid fire with Bestial wrath up. You will sit at focus cap for ever since BW reduces costs by 50%. after you are done dumping with RF throw another KC, and cobra so SS doesn't fall off, readiness, and repeat for your second round of burst.

    Focus Fire's usage right now is very odd. A lot of people are looking into it and disagree about it. Personally I am barely using it unless I really need the haste for cobras or focus regen (AoE for more multi shots). Most of the time I am just leaving the stacks on my pet. The cool down is pretty useless and this is definitely one mechanic of BM blizzard needs to look into improving.

    Macros I am currently Using:

    Cobra Shot with Dire beast Tied in:

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot
    /use 10
    /cast Cobra Shot
    /cast Dire Beast

    Dire Beast was originally off the Gcd untill last night, I have kept that macro because it seems to still be working and doesn't effect anything and since I tend to spam still works as I wanted. (kind of)

    Easy macro to show Rabid so you can put it on your bars as a bind:

    /cast Rabid

    Arcane Shot with Dire Beast Tied in:

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /use 10
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /cast Dire Beast

    I have this macro for the same as the cobra one, It works well still despite feeling like dire beast is on GCD. I spam arcane shot hard unless Kill command is coming up and it pops dire beast after the first one. (keep in mind I also have Dire beast bound separately in case it does not get used for some reason)

    Aspect Switching made easy:

    /cast [aspect:2] Aspect of the Hawk
    /cast Aspect of the Fox

    one button to switch between hawk and fox with ease!

    Bestial Wrath and Rabid together:

    #showtooltip Bestial Wrath
    /use 10
    /cast Rabid
    /Cast Bestial Wrath

    makes your pet go crazy!

    Blink Strike with Rabid:

    #showtooltip Blink Strike
    /cast Rabid
    /use 10
    /cast Blink Strike

    one day this ability might be ok....

    Lynx Rush with Rabid:

    #showtooltip Lynx Rush
    /use 10
    /cast Rabid
    /Cast Lynx Rush

    Useful for ensuring you pop Rabid with Lynx rush every time.

    Worm Burrow made easy to put on your bars:

    /cast Burrow Attack

    Hopefully some of these macros are useful to people and I can get some feedback and maybe some I am missing. I just redid all of my ui and macros personally and might of forgot a few things :P.

    What am I looking for by doing this?

    I am looking for some others feed back. How are you doing things in the patch. any recommendations on things you think I should do differently? How are you playing the class? Thoughts on the other specs? Cool down usage? things you want changed?

    I really look forward to hearing back from you guys, sorry the post isn't great. This is my first "guide", I hope to only improve from here.
    Also if you have any questions for me personally my name in Game is Fleckszilla on Shattered Hand (US Horde) of Tyranny.

    Thanks for reading!
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    ^ Pro hunter right here. Y'all should take tips from this guy. I consider myself pretty pro but every time this guy ninjas into my guild he destroys me in lesser gear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fleckz View Post
    Arcane Shot with Dire Beast Tied in:

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /use 10
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /cast Dire Beast
    I love you.

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    So what are the thoughts on rabid? Is binding it to something like, lynx, blink, or KC more beneficial than using off CD?

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    Rabid will be nerfed. But anyway, ive started playing in BM yesterday. And this spec is AWESOME!!! I used to play SV and MM, but BM is completly new for me. I did a nice dps yesterday on BoT, but there is a lot of things I need to improve. And this topic is great. Very useful. Thanks for macros

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    Rabid lasts 20 seconds so if you tie it to bestial wrath, youll get the 2 kill commands and then usually you are using lynx rush inbetween so youll get the benefit out of that too, but the 1.4 min cooldown on rabid makes it screwy after that?

    i'm still doing more dps as survival then i am doing as BM, i think my kill command may be bugged. either that or the tooltip is wrong. what are people's KC's hitting for? Non crit im seeing between 13-16k and that's NOT what the tooltip is saying of 24,326.
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    Yesterday inside 25 DS HC, i had a hard time trigger burrow attack, mainly because the focus cost is 50 focus. My pet always had low focus because it is spamming bite 24/7

    But BM seems to be a decent spec to play with now

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    Lynx rush > blink strike.

    Btw, did they screw up the modifiers macros ?!? As of just 2 weeks now, I have noticed it no longer works to use [mod:ctrl] macros.
    Basically, I got

    /cast [nomod] Serpent Sting
    /cast [mod:shift] Hunter's Mark
    /cast [mod:ctrl] Misdirection

    When I press Control, it shows the tooltip of that move but nothing else happens when I press the action key. It works with the Shift modifier, though.
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    Hello, is it possible to create one macro that uses Dash if Blink Strike is on cooldown and vice versa? I've been using Hunter's mark + charge + petattack macro before.

    So like "/cast dash (macrojargon if blink strike on cd /macrojargon)?

    Yes, i know dash is not used same time as blink strike, but i dont want to let it be active and to be used on some critter accidentally.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeletroll View Post
    Hello, is it possible to create one macro that uses Dash if Blink Strike is on cooldown and vice versa? I've been using Hunter's mark + charge + petattack macro before.

    So like "/cast dash (macrojargon if blink strike on cd /macrojargon)?

    Yes, i know dash is not used same time as blink strike, but i dont want to let it be active and to be used on some critter accidentally.
    I'm afraid it's not possible. Dash is an ability on the pet's bar while Blink Strike is on the player's bar. These abilities will always work at the same time if you include them in a macro, as the game's macro system doesn't have Ifs and Thens that check for cooldowns.

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    blink strike is great for those PVP hunters, i just switched to it an hour or so ago. it really helps.
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    This is from Fleckz. Apparently He can not post on here, so he asked me to.
    @Divinespeed: I like Rabid in my macros with Bestial Wrath and lynx rush, so I know it will always be popped with a major CD. I am also using lynx rush on CD as well as Bestial wrath unless I know there is a big burst phase coming up, still looking into if it is worth delaying to pair them up together.

    @Chareoss: My KC is crittng for around 50k, I feel like BM is higher dps on every fight in the current raid environment with the talents available other then fights maybe like yorashj and madness where a lot of AoE goes a long ways, for these fights I might try to play BM. Until we get stampede and can have multiple worms doing Burrow at once I think it will stay this way unfortunately.

    @Vhalz: Burrow Attacks cost is currently not read correctly, it should say 50 focus but is registered as 20 which is why it doesn't work some times. It is updated in the most recent beta build.

    @ Lord Gaga: I agree so do many others that lynx rush is much better then blink strike at the moment, hopefully they do something to fix that. Blink strike would be a good change for constant target swapping fights which many encounters in MoP will be. Also as far as I know the mod shift and ctrl macros are not currently messed up, mine are still working.

    @Skeletroll: You could make a cast sequence macro for your pet but I am not to familiar on how to do that unless it is the same as making a normal one. If you look into it and let me know however I would be happy to try and make the macro you are looking for. Sorry I do not have a more solid answer for you.

    @ Jmacphee9: that might be true, I am not trying to bash the ability, I am strictly talking about the use of it in a PvE enviorment. I should of specified that.

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    I saw a beta build change saying the worms burrow has been nerfed, what other aoe pets are there?

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    Rabid nerf is live. Holy paladin burst > BM burst and still nerf BM. Well, fuck the logic.

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    Cool post.
    Your macros was a big help.

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    Polio: Yes worm Burrow now does 25% damage. It will not be that big of a deal I don't believe with stampede but we will see. It is still a nice added bonus to have for a pet ability.Other AoE pets would include the Chimaeras and more worms!

    Rauta: Rabid nerf makes me cry, so do Shockadins currently in PvP. I hate them all. Paladins should be deleted from the game profile for ret and holy, tanks only :P

    VDeadMonkeyV: no problem, Glad I could help hope I can add some more cool things here soon.

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    So is the consensus to not keep Rabid on auto-cast and to macro it to major cooldowns like BW/LR?

    What is Blood Fury best macro'ed to?
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    i would have thought that macro'ing Dire beasts to another shot would be sub-optimal as it could use it right before u need it for a burn phase (e.g zonnoz black phase, spine tendon etc).

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    The best way to manage it in my opinion is to macro Rabid to BW and Lynx so its always being used. Definitely do not leave it on auto cast.

    I would macro Blood Fury to BW so it would look like this.

    #showtooltip Bestial Wrath
    /use 10
    /cast Rabid
    /cast Blood Fury
    /Cast Bestial Wrath

    ---------- Post added 2012-08-31 at 04:32 PM ----------

    I feel like it can be on some fights and that is why I do not always use the macro Pallen202, I have Dire Bound by itself as well and a macro for just normal Arcane Shot with the same things as the old one just without dire beast. There are very few cases where you need to do that however. It is usually ok to use the macro from what I am seeing. Time will tell however.

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    hmm well ill hit the dummies in a bit and try out some of ur macros. feedback will be incoming tommorow :P (im in england so it will probably still be today for you :P)

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